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President's Message

January 2018

Message from the Board

This month—and this year—we’re kicking off “Message from the Board.” Yes, that’s right. An SFBAC board or committee member will now be penning this newsletter’s opener, something Ricci Victorio, our long-serving president has done for more than three years. It was Ricci’s idea to pass this particular baton to give our membership the chance to hear from and get to know each of us.

Ricci has been the president of this organization since July 1, 2015. That long tenure signals her devotion to maintaining and building community among Bay Area coaches, a value I share. I’ve transitioned from being the organization’s marketing director to its secretary. (Oh, by the way, we’re still looking for someone to step into the former role.)

This past year I’ve witnessed a stellar exemplar of agile leadership—and by agile I mean “the ability to move quickly and easily” rather than the project-management methodology that’s entered the lexicon. At our annual board retreat, which serves as a daylong planning session, we needed to address some gaping vacancies on our executive committee. Ricci modeled “dancing in the moment,” one of the cornerstones of CTI’s coaching model, and invited us as a board to explore the reason behind our involvement with SFBAC and the why of the chapter’s existence. Doing so—and I’m speaking only for myself—helped me reconnect with that aforementioned value of connecting with my coaching community. From there, I knew I wanted to ensure and contribute to the continued health and vitality of SFBAC.

Speaking of leadership, Watermark, an organization dedicated to advocating for the advancement of women in the workplace, is holding its annual Watermark Conference for Women on Feb. 23 at the San Jose Convention Center. While the popular event is sold out, you can experience the event as a volunteer, a great way to give back.

I promised that part of this missive’s revolving authorship would serve as a way to get to know your board and committee members. I want to avoid providing a dry professional bio and yet I don’t want to use the language of online personal profiles (enjoys tennis, cats, reading, and long walks—though those things are true). This past year I continued to build Changeover Coaching, my private coaching practice, while also working as a career coach for Lee Hecht Harrison and volunteering for The Coaching Fellowship.

I’m writing this from my childhood home in Creve Coeur, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, where I learned the Midwest values—humility, friendliness, and honesty—so core to who I am. It’s been lovely to spend time with my blue family in this red state, seeing movies, reading, and reconnecting with myself. (Pictured here is my parents’ snow-covered deck.) The time for all of those things feels both a gift and necessity. One of my intentions for this next year is to take more of those long walks and host regular dinner parties, the former as a way to connect more with self and the latter to deepen with others. I’m curious what I’ll discover.

With 2017 safely in the rearview mirror, it’s time to root down into 2018. What do you want in this coming year professionally? Personally? I like to tell clients that life is a team sport. On Wednesday, Jan. 10, SFBAC will host “Making It Real,” our gathering in which you can team up with other coaches to design our visions and name our intentions for 2018. SFBAC will provide snacks and beverages and all of us will bring that inimitable coaching bonhomie. Won’t you join us?

“Only connect.” (The epigraph of 
Howard’s End–E.M. Forster

Looking forward to connecting with more of you in 2018!

Wendy Edelstein

Secretary, SFBAC


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