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New Members: How to Set up your new Profile

Both above and in the right column under the Welcome message, is a link to your profile page. Click the link to access your profile. There are several areas on the profile page and you will need to go through them step by step to fully populate the information on your profile. All of the contact information from the previous website was imported to the new site, including your expiration date and basic contact information, but there are still several areas that you will need to update. After updating information, on each page, be sure to save your changes.

Personal Info

Information in the Personal Info box makes up your profile. You will need to verify your contact information and add to your biography to make it complete.  Please follow the steps below.  

Contact Info 
On this page, be sure that all of the information is filled in and that it is accurate. You may add of change anything you like.  If you make any changes, be sure to click Save to return to your profile page.

Additional Member Data  
On this screen, verify your ICF number (if you have one) and make a selection from the drop down box for ICF credentials earned. If you do not have a credential, please select None. Then save your changes and return to your Profile.

Standard Member Directory  There are several areas in this section that will require your input.  
  • Visibility - Make a selection from the pull down menu if you would like to restrict any of your information from being viewed.  
  • Member Birthday - optional
  • Spouse Birthday - optional
  • Anniversary - optional
  • Social Networking - You may opt to show social media links on your profile page.  Follow the instructions to enter the correct information for each of the supported networks. Additional social Networks may also be included in the Biography section of your profile.
  • Biography - You may enter any additional information you would like to describe you and your business.
    • The text editor is similar to a word document, but does not function the same.  It is strongly encouraged that you do not paste content into the editor, unless it is non-formatted text from a txt file.  If you past text from a word processing program of any kind, it contains hidden formatting that may cause formatting problems on your profile.  
    • There are a series of icons across the top row of the editor that can help you to format your page.  Hover your mouse over the icon and a brief description will pop up.  You may insert hyperlinks to an external website, images for your brand or logo, and even insert a YouTube or Vimeo video on your profile page.
  • Photo - You may insert a photo image from your computer.  Click the browse button to navigate to the file and then upload the image.  Any size photo will be accepted, but an image size of 200x200 is optimal.  This is a similar size to photos used on most social media sites.


    These fields contained here will be used by the Find A Coach/Speaker.  
    • Coaching Delivery Method - You may select as many methods as you use in your practice
    • Coaching Specialties - Select all Specialties that apply


    Congratulations!  You have successfully set up your profile
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