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Membership - FAQ Page

What it Means to Be a Member of ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches

SFBAC has two categories of belonging: Members and Affiliates. Click here for the FAQs about the differences and which is right for you. The chart below details the benefits you receive when you become an SFBAC Member or SFBAC Affiliate. 

  In addition to the benefits listed below, membership in SFBAC affords an incredible opportunity to network with and be part of a growing team of successful, progressive, and exciting coaches. We encourage you to join one of our committees and contribute to the vitality and visibility of the organization. Membership is also a great way to get involved in public events sponsored by our group. 

The best way to get a feel for who we are is to come and visit!  The fee to attend as a guest is $20 per meeting. Please see the list of upcoming programs and register to attend our next meeting.

Participation and Benefits SFBAC Chapter Member SFBAC Chapter Affiliate SFBAC Chapter Affiliate Group*
Guest Student
(ICF Global Membership) Required N/A Optional N/A N/A
(Annual Chapter Membership Fee) $75 $100 $250 N/A N/A
SFBAC Monthly Meeting Gathering in San Francisco Free Free Free $20 $10
Access to Monthly Meeting Video Livestream $20 $10
Recorded Videos of Previous Meeting Presentations $20 $10
Online Public Profile Listing - - -
Articles Published in Monthly Newsletter** - - -
Discounts to selected Events & Workshops - - -
Participation in SFBAC Joint Ventures & Alliances - - -
Participation in International Coaching Week Events - - -
Voting Rights - - - -
Board of Directors Elected Leadership Positions - - - -
*SFBAC Chapter Affiliate Group: Max. of 5 people from one organization

How to join

Questions? Please contact our  Membership Director, Manoj Ramanan

   Email Manoj Ramanan:

ICF - San Francisco Bay Area Coaches
268 Bush St. #4039
San Francisco, CA 94104