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November 2012

Lisa Murray

President's Message - News and More News  


Hello Members and Friends of ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches (SFBAC),  Keiko


Wow, did you attend our October gathering, "Evening with the Masters" on October 10th?  It was panel discussion featuring three certified master-level coaches (MCCs) who did live coaching demonstrations.  There was also an optional pre-event "Dinner with the Masters."  I missed this fabulous event because I was in Hawaii for my honeymoon (Yes!) but I was able to watch the video replay of the MCC Panel Discussion and coaching demonstrations.  If you're a SFBAC Member, you can watch the video replay too! 


Getting access to audio or video recordings of our past meetings is one of the many benefits of being a Member.  Just go to, log in to access the "Member's Only" area, and click on Past Events.


Make sure to join us for our November 14th gathering, featuring  "Deep Listening:  Diving Beneath the Surface with Your Clients," presented by guest speaker Susan Strasburger, PhD.


CAN'T GET TO SAN FRANCISCO FOR OUR MEETING?  If you're located outside the city, consider participating in a Remote SFBAC Gathering in North Bay, East Bay, or Silicon Valley/South Bay ... and listen to our speaker remotely with other Coaches in your area!  See more details below about our "Listen In" pilot program.


WANTED Volunteers to help us keep SFBAC vibrant and valuable for our members!


We are coming to the end of this year of transition, and there is still work to do.   Be a part of carrying this community forward!  We're now seeking volunteers to serve on our 2013 SFBAC Board of Directors and committees. 


If you're a SFBAC Member who would like to contribute in some way to our wonderful coaching community, please contact me at so we can explore what role(s) would be a good fit for your skills, your interests, and your time availability.  Even if you can only spare a few hours a week, you can serve a vital role in our chapter!


If you're not a Member yet, please take this opportunity to join us!  We are a lively community of coaches that you'll love to be with and grow with.  ICF members can join our chapter at a discounted dues rate.  Click here to learn more about our membership benefits, our dues structure, and to join online. 


ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches is a vibrant, innovative, fun and wildly successful community of professional coaches ... the go-to place to learn, grow, succeed and thrive together.


I look forward to seeing you at our November 14th gathering!


All the best, 

Keiko Signature  

Keiko Hsu, CPC, ACC, CDC

President - ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches | 

San Francisco, CA

Welcome New Members


Welcome to the following new members:


East Bay: Janet Parks

North Bay: Gary Lam

San Francisco: No new members this month!

South Bay: Daniela Fankhauser


Monthly Gathering


Deep Listening:

Diving beneath the surface with your client

 Susan Strasburger, PhD


We listen well, right? It goes with the profession and practice of coaching after all. But what about those moments when we are experiencing emotional reactions to what our clients are communicating? How do we maintain concentrated awareness when we are confused about how to proceed? Or stay fully present when we are having self-doubt about our coaching mastery in general or with a specific client?


This is a presentation you will not want to miss. During this interactive evening, Susan will take you through best practices for listening deeply and well -- and some of the pitfalls. A brief taste of what you can anticipate include techniques for:


  • Returning to presence and self-attunement, especially after feeling "triggered".
  • Processing agreements that support safety for our clients and more flow and ease for the coaching relationship overall.
  • Leveraging intuition during moments of choice by taking risks and being willing to "make mistakes". 


And much, much more....


Sign up at


Date:               Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Location:        Handlery Hotel - Union Square Room, 351 Geary Street (Powell & Mason St)

Cost:                Free for SF Bay Area Coaches members. The cost for guests is $20.

Time:               6:30 Registration

                        6:50 Welcome and announcements

                        7:00 Presentation

                        8:30 Community building and refreshments 


Susan StrasburgerSusan Strasburger, PhD, has been a leadership and team development consultant for over 20 years.  For much of this time, she has partnered with Interaction Associates, a pioneer in the field of collaboration. Susan also offers Integrative Counseling,, a blend of strategic coaching and in-depth counseling for individuals and couples in transition.  


Susan holds degrees from Yale, Mills and UCSF, and certifications in coaching, diversity leadership and nonviolent communication.  More important than credentials, however, is her commitment to authentic presence, which she believes is nurtured (within ourselves and for our clients) through "deep listening."  

Vote with Your Presence: Listen In! Pilot Program 


Have you ever said (or thought) this?


"I'd really like to get together with other coaches, but I just can't get into San Francisco for meetings."


If being with a community of coaches is important to you but coming into San Francisco is just too hard, we encourage you to participate in "Listen In!" - a private pilot program of broadcasting our monthly gatherings to the coaching community.


                       -  Private - The live broadcasts will be accessible to groups of coaches who gather to                              listen in community and engage in discussions about the topic.

                        - Pilot - This is a beta test, or pilot program, of a system for making our meetings                                       accessible to coaches for whom coming into San Francisco just isn't practical. If                                   sufficient interest is generated, the program will be expanded.


                       - Broadcasting - The meetings will be broadcast via conference call technology so                                that coaches can listen to the presentations.


                      - Gatherings - A key reason given by members and guests for participating                                               in meetings  is the importance of being part of a community of coaches. Many                                    of us either work  independently or work as coaches on a part-time basis and                                        appreciate the boost we get from being with other coaches.

                      - Coaching Community - The pilot program is open to both members and guests                                   at no charge.


If you want easier access to our monthly gatherings with their enriching information and conversation, vote with your presence and help us test this program! Gather with other coaches at a location in the East Bay, North Bay or South Bay to participate remotely.


If this pilot program is successful, we will expand to additional locations.


Contact Virtual Programs Director Fabienne Doze (, North Bay Regional Liaison Janet Valette (, South Bay Regional Liaison Pat Obuchowski ( or, for the East Bay, Communications Director Susan Blake ( if you would like to host or attend a Listen In! gathering.


Vote with your presence!



November 2012


Need more reasons to join the International Coach Federation (ICF)-- besides the added value to your professional coaching career by being part of the premier coach organization recognized worldwide?  What about (almost) free coaching for you?


Coming Soon... The ICF Reciprocal Peer Coaching Program!


Can you imagine getting quality coaching almost free, just because you're an ICF member?  A new program offered by the International Coach Federation (ICF) will allow you to receive coaching at almost no cost!  By giving coaching to one ICF coach, you can receive coaching from another ICF coach. You will only need to pay a nominal coordination fee for the program to match you with a coach and client and monitor each reciprocal peer coaching relationship.  The aim of the ICF Reciprocal Peer Coaching program is to make coaching more financially accessible for coaches-- thereby strengthening the ICF coaching community by supporting ICF coaches in their ongoing professional and personal development with the best means we know how - coaching!


More information about this program will be available on the ICF website in later November.  Check it out!


Special Coaching Resource by San Francisco Coach, C.J. Hayden, MCC, to Support The ICF Foundation


Longtime ICF member C.J. Hayden, MCC. will help support foundation efforts to promote social good through pro bono coaching and research through a donation of part of the proceeds of her new book, 50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World.  Her book offers professional coaches of all niches ideas, examples, and resources on how to make a difference in the world with contributions from almost 50 coaches. Nearly 50 coaches contributed to the publication, providing an anecdote or other motivation to create change.


"The typical coach enters our profession with a desire to help people and make a contribution. But this intention can get lost in the course of building a successful business or career. I wrote this book to support coaches who want to incorporate social responsibility, sustainability, and global citizenship into the way they work. Donating some of the proceeds to the ICF Foundation is an important part of walking my talk," says Hayden.


For information on 50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World , go to



Coaching Resources and Announcements

Carpool to Monthly Gatherings!


SFBAC members can make carpool arrangements via our Facebook Group! If you're a member of SFBAC but haven't joined the Facebook group, check it out!


Join Sacramento Coaches for Networking/Speaker/Chapter News


Sacramento imageWhat if I can show you how you can ethically and authentically market your services, increase your profits and enjoy the positive impact you are having on your clients?  Would you be interested? 


Grow Your Coaching Business with Ethical, Brain-Based Marketing Strategies


November 13, 2012  11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.


Janice Knight will share the latest research on neuromarketing and demonstrate how this information can be used to ethically grow your practice.

Benefits of attending include:


  • An understanding of key findings from neuroscientists about "The Consumer Mind" and how it makes purchasing decisions
  • How to utilize this brain-based research to create or revitalize your brand
  • 5 marketing strategies to build your coaching business with your clients "in mind"
  • An awareness of ethical considerations involved in neuromarketing 


More Info:


Janice KnightJanice has a passion for all matters involving the brain and has combined coaching with hypnotherapy to help accelerate success for her clients.  Janice is a PCC with ICF, and a Certified Hypnotherapist of the Human Motivation Institute (C.Ht.).  She also serves as the Vice President of the Board for the Sacramento Coaches Association.  She works with 3 other professionals as a business coach with Wild Women for Business, LLC ( and in her private professional coaching/hypnosis practice  


The newly unified SFBAC has the potential to be much, much more than the sum of its parts. That includes you. This is your challenge: Do not rely on past history - you get to choose, to have an impact, to create the future. Here's my picture - come find me at the next meeting and introduce yourself! I want to meet you and hear what you have to say!
Susan Blake 
Susan Blake
ICF SFBAC Communications Director



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