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February 2013

Lisa Murray

President's Message - February 2013 


"February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March."   Greg Peters

-  Dr. J. R. Stockton


I chuckled a bit on seeing this quote.  Anticipation of warmer days and seasonal activities is certainly on my mind.  But between the cultural anchors of Super Bowl and Oscars comes opportunity to refine plans and set agendas for the year.  The Leadership of SFBAC will be affirming and refining our ongoing initiatives while continually creating space for new ideas and opportunities that serve our members.


If your agenda for 2013 includes volunteerism, I encourage you to commit some of those valuable hours to our Chapter.  Volunteers are the reason our Chapter thrives, and SFBAC volunteers are the most passionate, invested & thoughtful of any I've come across.  Join us in service to our members and profession while having fun and making connections.  I invite you to fill out the volunteer form through the link below where you can describe the things you love to do, areas of expertise & skills! 


Don't forget to check on the details of our February Gathering.  Life Coach Lurlene will give a presentation unlike any we've had before.  Intrigued?  You will be.


Best regards, 

Greg Peters Signature  

Greg Peters, CPCC


ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches 

Psssst! It's Coming...


Four chapters, eight email lists, 12000 square miles, -> one chapter, one website.


The new website for ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches goes live in March. And you can be part of it!


Watch your email for instructions on the one thing you need to do to be included.

Welcome New Members


Welcome to the following new members: 


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NPS is interested in hiring coaches from the San Francisco area.  They are seeking MCC, then PCC, and then ACC coaches (in that priority).  Initially, the coaching would be provided to Headquarters Senior Executive Service and Regional Leaders, then GS-15/14 Division Leaders in field locations in the Eastern part of the country.  NPS hopes to expand their coaching cadre as they create more demand for high quality coaches, which could likely include more certified coaches.


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Monthly Gathering

Now What?®

Reinventing Ourselves as We Guide Our Clients 

to Do The Same

Presenter: Laura Berman Fortgang 


Join us in February for an enlightening and entertaining evening unlike any we have brought you before! Laura Berman Fortgang and Life Coach Lurlene will discuss - and demonstrate - their wisdom on reinvention.


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"Listen-In!" Pilot Program Takes Wing


The "Listen-In!" pilot program is off to a good start and continues to expand! What is "Listen-In!"?


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Coaching Resources and Announcements

Unique Conflict Coaching Training Opportunity

28 CCEU's available - Act fast! Registration deadline Feb. 11, 2013


For the first time in California, Canadian Conflict Management Coaching Pioneer Cinnie Noble is offering her ICF accredited 4-day training March 5-8, 2013 in South San Francisco. Registration deadline is soon approaching - February 11th. 


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Claim Your Destiny: Receive Your Soul Map for 2013


Want to start 2013 with the most unique and magical look into what's ahead of you this year that you can receive? Then work with me to create your Soul Map for 2013. Using Tarot archetypes, we create a 14 card look into the opportunities and pitfalls that are in your energetic space now.


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Sacramento Coaches Monthly Meeting


Trouble at the Border: How to Support Your Clients to Go Beyond Where They Are Stuck

Speaker: Dr. Maria Nemeth

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Practicing Mindfulness & Compassion


with Jon Kabat-Zinn, Paul Gilbert, Dacher Keltner, Kristin Neff, Shauna Shapiro, and others


When: March 8, 2013

Where: Craneway Conference Center, Richmond, CA or tune in via Live Webcast

Hosted by UC Berkeley's  Greater Good Science Center and Mindful: Taking Time for What Matters 


A day-long conference to help you deepen connections to others and care for yourself, drawing on cutting-edge science


This day-long conference, featuring a keynote by Jon Kabat-Zinn, will illuminate the connections between mindfulness and compassion, focusing on how mindfulness can deepen relationships, enhance caregiving, and build compassion, including self-compassion. Speakers will discuss how to apply scientific findings to the real world, drawing on cutting-edge research and inspiring success stories. Attendees will practice research-tested mindfulness and compassion techniques and learn from program leaders who have fostered mindfulness and compassion in schools, health care, and beyond.


Other presenters will include Kristin Neff, PhD, author of Self-Compassion; Paul Gilbert, PhD, founder of Compassion Focused Therapy; Shauna Shapiro, PhD, expert on integrating mindfulness into Western psychology, medicine, and education; and Dacher Keltner, PhD, faculty director of the Greater Good Science Center. Event will be webcast live!


ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches is pleased to make a 10% discount available to its members. ICF SFBAC members should register with the promotional code PERICF.


Learn more at

        Greater Good Science Center Mindful  

You are an important part of this community of coaches! Let's make our communication two-way: Email me! Submit items to this newsletter! And members can post items to our Facebook page! Better yet, here's my picture - find me at the next meeting and introduce yourself. I want to hear from you.
Susan Blake 
Susan Blake
ICF SFBAC Communications Director


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