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January 2012

Lisa Murray

                                             CHECKING IN            January 2012 Newsletter

In This Month's Issue of Checking In:
:: President's Message
:: Chapter Consolidtion: Notes from the Transition Team
:: What Does the Coaching Profession Look Like Today?
:: Celebrate International Coaching Week with Us!
:: Welcome New Members!
:: Let's Get Reading

Dear member,

Welcome to  Checking In the monthly newsletter for SF Coaches members and friends. In this newsletter you will find details about the next chapter gathering, ways to take advantage of your SF Coaches membership and other valuable pieces of information to benefit you as a coach.


President's Message  


I'm thrilled and deeply honored to be the President of SF Coaches for 2012. This is an exciting yearKeiko of transition as we merge the four Bay Area ICF chapters into one unified Bay Area chapter. What a wonderful opportunity to connect with more coaches and lift each other up as we all do great work in the world!


I'm delighted to work with a dynamic and fantastically talented Board of Directors this year. Our 2012 board has a wonderful blend of experienced and new members who are dedicated to serving our membership by offering fresh, leading edge programs with memorable guest speakers who will feed your spirit and provide you with valuable skill building, ongoing professional growth and mastery, business development strategies, and new tools.


We're also continuing our focus to make this a warm and inviting community for coaches in the Bay Area. The Relationship-Building Sessions during our monthly chapter gatherings have enabled participants to connect with like-minded people, share their experiences, and explore collaboration opportunities. Our gatherings are a great place to get inspired and energized!


Most of all, we're committed to your success as a professional coach.   We'll be exploring new programs and partnerships to increase public awareness about coaching and to bring in more referrals for our members. Our vision is for SF Coaches to be a vibrant, innovative, fun and wildly successful community of professional coaches ... the "go-to-place" to learn, grow, succeed, and thrive together. The world needs us!


2012 will be a transformational year for our organization and for the world. We invite you to be an active participant in our lively community of professional coaches. I look forward to connecting with you at our next gathering!


Warmest regards,


Keiko Hsu, CPC, ACC, CDC

President - SF Coaches |

San Francisco, CA



Meet the SF Coaches Leadership Team:


The 2012 SF Coaches Board of Directors is composed of gracious volunteers with bold visions for this organization.  Meet your leaders, below, and learn more about their responsibilities.  If you'd like to be considered for next year's Board, please contact Keiko Hsu or any of the board members below.
Keiko Hsu |

  • Holds the vision and holds accountability for the board and the organization
  • Is forward thinking, present, curious and open-minded
  • Provides leadership to and effective management of SF Coaches and its Board
  • Facilitates monthly chapter gatherings

Vice President
Greg Peters |

  • Holds the vision with the President of what's going on with SF Coaches, the Board and membership
  • Actively supports fulfillment of short-term goals and the long-term strategic plan, providing back-up and ensuring follow through
  • Remains up-to-date with the Policy & Procedures Manual and the By-Laws and guides revisions as the board grows and evolves
  • Partners with the President on strategy, visioning, and brainstorming
Sherry Davis |

Alan Roby |

  • Manages and maintains financial records and files of all financial documents
  • Prepares a financial statement for the SFC monthly board meetings
  • Creates an annual budget proposal to be approved by the Board
  • Reconciles accounts, pays bills and reimburses approved expenses in a timely manner
  • Is the leading advocate for wise spending and good stewardship of SF Coaches assets
  • Negotiates with and signs contract(s) with meeting venue(s)

Heather Mills |

  • Takes minutes at board meetings and distributes to board members on a timely basis
  • Clarifies commitments during board meetings and helps manage agreements and action items
  • Is a creator and keeper of historical information
  • Works with Programs Director(s) to audio-record Guest Speakers and post the recordings on SFC website
  • Creates an annual summary of chapter events for the ICF
  • Ensures action items have measurable time lines, resources, and accountability

Programs Directors
Olina Qian |

Eydie Watts| 
  • Secures great speakers, using our pre-screening and intake process for potential speakers
  • Plans and facilitates networking sessions and live coaching demos at chapter gatherings
  • Plans and leads Quarterly Mentor Coach calls
  • Writes compelling event announcements with Communications Team to publicize to maximize attendance
  • Posts all events on SFC website, EventBrite, and other online sites
  • Gathers member feedback after each event
  • Handles logistics for chapter gatherings including meeting room layout, handouts, snacks, ICF CCEU certificates
  • Networks with Program Directors from other successful chapters to find best practices

Membership Co-Chairs
Kellie Barrow |

Wilson Li |

  • Welcomes guests and members and holds the space for connection at monthly gatherings
  • Actively promotes member benefits and involvement, and facilitates enrollment in SF Coaches
  • Gathers feedback on the membership experience
  • Leads membership retention activities, including membership outreach campaigns, membership surveys, monitoring member satisfaction, facilitating the membership renewal process
  • Processes membership applications and renewals, maintains membership lists and online profiles
  • Sends monthly meeting attendee lists to Communications Team to update our email lists
  • Helps new members get oriented into SF Coaches
  • Be stewards for the Chapter's Membership Goals and recommend membership recruitment and retention strategies, working with the SFC Board

Communications Director
Susan Blake |

  • Releases information to members and our broader network on a timely basis
  • Ensures professional look and content to all publications
  • Responsible for communications within our chapter and our general email list, including our Newsletters and any announcements and reminders
  • Communicates and promotes our programs and membership benefits via timely emails and newsletters to our members and our general email list, in tandem with other Board members and our Virtual Assistant 

Marketing & Public Relations Director
Janet Fjeldstad|

  • Responsible for external communications and attracting new members to grow our chapter.
  • Communicates and promotes our programs and benefits via our website and external channels to attract new participants and potential new members
  • Secures and maintains relationships with existing and potential sponsors and advertisers
  • Leads the Marketing Committee, which sets the strategic direction based on clearly understanding the needs of our target market, and provides specific guidance and recommendations to the Board and other committees.
  • Responds to requests from the media and research organizations
  • Works with local media to raise public awareness of the benefits of coaching

ICF Liaison
Eve Siegel |

  • Serves as the official go-between with the ICF for SF Coaches
  • Stays current with ICF member and chapter offerings and disseminate information to the board and members as appropriate
  • Stays current with the ICF website and its offerings and make recommendations to the board regarding their use
  • Stays current with ICF procedures and ensure that SF Coaches is in compliance
  • Serves as an information resource to membership and the Board regarding ICF matters

East Bay Liaison

  • Represents the interests of East Bay members

North Bay Liaison
Janet Valette |

  • Represents the interests of North Bay members

South Bay/Silicon Valley Liaison

Pat Obuchowski|

  • Represents the interests of South Bay/Silicon Valley members

Past President
Julie Daley |

  • Holds the big vision of SF Coaches and keeps the board on track towards that vision
  • Supports the current President, especially to facilitate an orderly and smooth transition
  • Connects the current board to the past and make sure that the wheel is not continually reinvented
  • Chairs the Board Nominations & Elections Committee
  • Summarizes last year's accomplishments during the 1st Quarter of the term and provide the annual report to ICF

 Not sure whom to contact? Please use this address for all other inquiries: 


Chapter Consolidation: Notes from the Transition Team


Focused on guiding and facilitating a successful merger of the four Bay Area ICF chapters, the Transition Team has met three times so far and is now meeting on a regular bi-weekly schedule. We are meeting every other Friday via conference call from 8:30 am to 10:00 am. You are welcome to participate in those calls and have your voice heard! Please contact Johannes Starke at for access to the conference call and related documents.


Our early work has generated consensus on ideal outcomes, perhaps the most important of which is that whatever grows out of this process is fueled and shaped by the needs and desires of the members.


Not just the members of the Transition Team, but the members of the four chapters and potential new members as well. You.


To that end, we are working on ideas for capturing your concerns and suggestions.

What is important to you in a community of coaches?

What drew you to participate in your previous chapter - or not?

How can we leverage technology to connect us - especially when we are so geographically widespread?

What feeds you as you do your work,that this chapter could provide?

What gifts can you contribute to the shaping and feeding of this community?


These are just a few of the questions we are wrestling with and bringing to you.


Whether you are interested in shaping this new group through working with the Transition Team, attending an event in which many voices can be heard, having a single conversation, or submitting a thought or a thought-provoking question, you have an opportunity help build something that can not only meet your needs but impact the lives of coaches throughout the Bay Area and, in a ripple effect, the people of the Bay Area itself.


To help in these specific areas, contact:


Nancy Montier for Communications (

Eric Hoffman for Technology (

Becca Pronchick for Membership (


We especially are looking for help with new ways of looking at meeting structure and connection. Please contact Julie Daley, Transition Team leader, at if you have ideas or questions.


Meanwhile, the next meeting for SF Coaches is Wednesday, February 8th! Break out of your mold! Get on BART and get on over to the city! Grab a friend and carpool! Get a rowdy group together from the east, north and south and head to San Francisco! Come and connect, and make your voice heard.


What Does the Coaching Profession Look Like Today?

Presenter: Janet M. Harvey, MCC, President of the ICF


Celebrate International Coaching Week, an annual weeklong global celebration of the coaching profession, with Janet M. Harvey, MCC, current president of the International Coach Federation (ICF). Janet will be discussing the results of the 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). It is one of the most comprehensive global studies ever carried out on professional coaching and provides answers to the following questions: 

  • What are the opportunities and challenges that face coaches today?
  • What are the global revenues generated by coaching?
  • What are the average fees per 1 hour coaching session?
  • What strategies are coaches using to deal with the down economy? 

The study provides a clear picture of the coaching profession that will help us take it forward for the next 10 years. Be sure to bring your questions; Janet will be hosting a Q & A.


Event Details

Date: Wed., Feburary 8, 2011

Location: Handlery Hotel - Union Square Room, 351 Geary Street (Powell & Mason St)

Cost: Free for SF Coaches members and members of the other San Francisco Bay Area ICF Chapters (EBC, NBC, SVA). The cost for guests is $15.

Time:   6:30 - 6:45 p.m.          Registration

            6:45 - 7:20 p.m.          Structured Networking

            7:20 - 8:40 p.m.          Presentation

            8:40 - 9:00 p.m.           Program Wrap-up   


About the Presenter

Janet HarveyJanet M. Harvey, MCC, president of ICF, has 25 years of successful professional experience as both a corporate and entrepreneurial business executive utilizing coaching for leadership development of individuals and teams in diverse private and public sector settings around the globe. She is Partner & CEO of inviteCHANGE, an ICF-ACTP and CCE provider.


Holding the belief that long-term, thriving success for the ICF depends upon full member engagement, continuously fresh creativity, and colleagues helping colleagues develop, Janet also understands the importance of establishing and gaining adoption for global coaching standards that will accelerate the perceived value of earning a professional credential. Janet values the opportunity for modeling and inspiring a deepening commitment, by every coach she meets, to excellence and advancement of the art, science, and practice of professional coaching. 


Click here to register




February 5-11, 2012

The ideas are endless and are only limited by your imagination!  International Coaching Week (ICW) is a weeklong global celebration of the coaching profession held annually, during the first full week in February.


Originally founded in 1999 by ICF member Jerri N. Udelson, MCC, ICW is a designated time each year for coaches and clients to educate the public about the value of working with a professional coach and to acknowledge the results and progress made through the coaching process.


During this extended commemoration, coaches around the world offer a variety of activities and pro-bono services in their local communities to share what coaching has the ability to do.


How to Participate

Coaches all over the world choose to participate in International Coaching Week through a number of activities and pro bono coaching opportunities. The ideas are endless and are only limited by your imagination!

  • Create a special offer to build your practice

 SF Coaches is providing a template to be used for you to offer a special promotional offer in marketing or promotional materials, e-mail blasts or newsletters for International Coaching Week. Please contact Janet Fjeldstad (see below) to obtain the template

  • More ideas?



Janet Fjeldstad  - Marketing and PR Board member 415.203.0244




             International Coaching Week  website
Welcome New Members!


We want to give a big warm welcome to our new members who havejoined this November, December and January:


Welcome Ellen James, Nancy Koo, Katherine Badriyeh,Wilson Li, and Laura Halsey!

Let's Get Reading


Continuing education is essential to being a successful coach.  Let's make it fun! 


Let's take the larger Bay Area ICF coach group and start forming book groups.  Each group can make its own rules, but I would suggest that the group decide on frequency and how books are selected. To begin, I will help people organize as well as run one based in the Walnut Creek area where we would meet in person once per month.  Other groups may prefer to work together by phone or web.  This could be fun - read books you hadn't considered and push the envelope of your education a bit!


Contact me at denise@dpkcoaching to indicate interest in my Walnut Creek group, forming a group or becoming part of a group once enough people in an area are interested.  Please indicate what format you are looking for, if you would be willing to lead it and any other information that would help us form some great groups.  Let's do it!


Denise P. Kalm

Intrapreneur - innovator, idea-generator, delivery-engine


Ours is a warm, welcoming, inclusive community - a place where coaches come together.  Whether you are a new or seasoned coach, you have come to the right place.  We are glad you are here!
The January, February and March gatherings of SF Coaches are free to anyone who was a member of the East Bay, North Bay or Silicon Valley chapters in December 2011.

Susan BlakeSusan Blake
SF Coaches - Communications 


ICF - San Francisco Bay Area Coaches
268 Bush St. #4039
San Francisco, CA 94104