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February 2012

Lisa Murray

   CHECKING IN        February 2012 Newsletter

In This Month's Issue of Checking In:
:: President's Message
:: ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches
:: Welcome New Members!
:: March Gathering - Coaching From the Way of the Horse
:: Chapter Consolidtion: Notes from the Transition Team
:: ICF Updates

Welcome to  Checking In, the monthly newsletter for ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches members and friends. In this newsletter you will find details about the next chapter gathering, ways to take advantage of your ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches membership and other valuable pieces of information to benefit you as a coaches.


President's Message  


Dear Members and Friends,


Keiko HsuI am pleased to announce that our local coaching community has a new official identity: ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches.


I know, that's a mouthful! But it's a name that captures the area-wide nature of this community, honors our affiliation with the ICF, and differentiates us from other "Bay Areas" around the world. This name was one of three options developed by the Transition Team, and was the one recommended to the Board. The Board unanimously accepted that recommendation, so welcome to the new


ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches!


I would also like to take a moment to thank Janet Harvey, President of the ICF, who spoke at our chapter meeting on February 8th. Of all of the places she could have been during International Coaching Week, she chose to be with us on the 8th, and it was a great meeting! In addition to Janet's presentation, we took time to gather attendees' input/feedback about the chapter merger.  That was a very valuable exercise that helped people to really feel the sense of community in the room.  The energy of the room was absolutely sizzling with excitement! Thank you to everyone who attended, and to everyone who helped make it such a wonderful gathering. I look forward to seeing everyone at next month's gathering!


A final note: The work of the Transition Team continues to focus on the different puzzle pieces that will contribute to a single, unified chapter. These include issues ranging from building a dues structure that meets the needs of the members and the chapter, recommending options for meeting formats and delivery mechanisms that serve a membership that is diverse in experience, focus and location, and updating our technology to take advantage of best practices in a cost-effective way. Please see the Transition Team report (below) for details, and remember: Your voice is welcome!


See you on March 14th!


Keiko Hsu, CPC, ACC, CDC

President - SF Coaches |

San Francisco, CA

ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches - One Chapter, One Newsletter!


Where before there were five local newsletters - one each for the North Bay, East Bay and Silicon Valley chapters, and two for SF Coaches - now there is one!


This newsletter brings you information about goings on in all regions of the San Francisco Bay Area. This includes the consolidation of the SF Coaches "Checking In" and "Coaching Resources" newsletters into one.


With so much information to share, we are planning to make the best possible use of technology so that the email you receive each month isn't onerous to scroll through. Meanwhile, please be patient and take the time to read the announcements from members and friends below!


If you want to submit coaching-related announcements for future issues, please contact Susan Blake, Communications Director, at 

Welcome New Members!


We want to give a big warm welcome to our newest members: Dale Larson, Pat Obuchowski, Janet Valette, Dana Clark, and Lina Maria Mesa.


Welcome everyone!


March Gathering

Coaching From the Way of the Horse

Presenter: Kimberly Carlisle


March 14, 2012


Handlery Hotel

351 Geary Street (at Union Square)

San Francisco, CA


6:30 - 6:45 pm Registration

6:45 - 7:15 pm Relationship Building

7:15 - 9:00 pm Program


Register Here 


Studies confirm that a large part of successful interpersonal communication is based on non-verbal cues. Horses are particularly sensitive to non-verbal cues; it's one of the reasons that they have been able to survive in the wild for millions of years. They are also extremely perceptive at reading human body language, movements and intention. They give us 1000 pounds of clear, unmasked and immediate feedback as to how we present ourselves in the world. 


Read more... ( 


Chapter Consolidation: Notes from the Transition Team

The Transition Team is progressing with its efforts on the successful unification of the four SF Bay Area chapters. Here is a summary of the actions that are happening now:

  1. The SF Coaches Board approved the new chapter name that the Transition Team recommended, "ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches." The board is now pursuing capturing all of the places where the chapter name must be updated.
  2. The Meeting Structure/Visioning Team and the Technology team are compiling recommendations for the business, education, community, and other functions that the new chapter will serve.  The Technology team will then seek technology solutions that will support those functions.
  3. Communications is gathering notes taken last fall during the final meetings of East Bay, Silicon Valley and North Bay chapters so that we can address the needs of all the communities.  If you want to provide input here, send Nancy Montier an email at
  4. Membership/Enrollment will be proposing a fee structure to the board. Please contact Becca Pronchik ( if you want to provide input into that decision.
  5. Finance is a steward of the combined funds leftover from the three closing chapters, and recommends that money go to a strong technology platform.
  6. How Do They Do It? Several team members are participating in conference calls with other large metropolitan chapters to learn from them what's working and not.  


  • East Bay Coaches Representative Needed - As part of the chapter unification process, 2012 board positions were added for representatives of the former East Bay Coaches, North Bay Coaches and Silicon Valley Coaches Federation chapters. The board position for the East Bay Coaches representative is still open. The board meets on the third Wednesday of the month. If you would like to apply to represent the former East Bay, please contact Keiko Hsu at
  • Membership/Enrollment needs 2 or more additional team members. Please contact Becca Pronchik at
  • Communications needs 1 or more additional volunteers. Please contact Nancy Montier at
  • We especially are looking for help with new ways of looking at meeting structure and connection. Please contact Pat Obuchowski at

Remember, your input is important! Make your voice heard - by phone, by email, or in person!


February 2012


2012 ICF Global Coaching Study - Highlights


Here are some highlights from the 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study Executive Summary, focusing on the current state of the coaching industry-highlighting the coaching profession's growth and uncovering new trends since the 2007 survey: 

  • 12,133 coaches from 117 countries responded (the 2007 study had responses from 5,415 coaches from 73 countries).
  • The profession is growing, with an estimated 47,500 professional coaches generating close to $2 billion (USD) in annual revenue/income.
  • North America, Western Europe, Australia and Asia account for 76 percent of the estimated global total of professional coaches.
  • New markets for coaches and coaching are opening in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Coaches are looking confidently to the future, with expectations over the next 12 months of increasing demand (clients and sessions) leading to growth in annual revenue and income from coaching.
  • Key issues for the future: 1) Encouraging professional training for coaches; 2) Increasing awareness of coaching benefits; and 3) Regulation of the coaching profession. 

For further information, download the Executive Summary here

Videos about this study are also available at


 A Few Words from the President of ICF


To kick off International Coaching Week here, ICF President Janet Harvey gave a dynamic and passionate talk at the February 8th gathering of ICF SF Bay Area Coaches about moving to the next level of developing coaching as a profession.


"The core purpose now of ICF," she said, "is to lead the global advancement of the coaching profession. ICF is the only self-regulated, globally recognized certifying coaching organization. Therefore, each of us as ICF-certified coaches needs to consider that we are ICF-- and support this organization that supports us in our professional development as coaches."


To this end, Harvey strongly encouraged her coaching audience to "educate our clients about the value of working with certified coaches-- who have a high level of coaching-based training that is peer-review based (e.g., certified coaches have to pass oral exams showing they know how to coach)." And, she added, "96% of surveyed clients of ICF-certified coaches indicated they would return to work with these coaches!"



Let's Get Reading


Continuing education is essential to being a successful coach.  Let's make it fun! 


Let's take the larger Bay Area ICF coach group and start forming book groups.  Each group can make its own rules, but I would suggest that the group decide on frequency and how books are selected. To begin, I will help people organize as well as run one based in the Walnut Creek area where we would meet in person once per month.  Other groups may prefer to work together by phone or web.  This could be fun - read books you hadn't considered and push the envelope of your education a bit!


Contact me at denise@dpkcoaching to indicate interest in my Walnut Creek group, forming a group or becoming part of a group once enough people in an area are interested.  Please indicate what format you are looking for, if you would be willing to lead it and any other information that would help us form some great groups.  Let's do it!


Denise P. Kalm

Intrapreneur - innovator, idea-generator, delivery-engine


North Bay Region: Save the Date


Calling all coaches who would like to gather informally for connection & community in the North Bay. We'll meet in a Novato restaurant (TBD) for drinks & food, then for those who want more, a performance at 8 PM, guaranteed to make you laugh. 


Look for an Evite with all of the details by March 3rd.  Also, you can "like" our NBC Facebook Page: 


to find the information there, once we finalize the specifics. Hope to see lots of you there!


Janet Valette, Liaison for NBC to the ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches,

Beyond Surviving™Course

The Final Stage of Recovery from Sexual Abuse


Join Trauma Recovery Coach, Rachel Grant, for this down-to-earth and transformational course or share this opportunity with your network.


If you are an adult survivor of sexual abuse and are no longer satisfied with simply understanding the impact of the abuse or the connections between your past experience and your present day life but are instead asking, "What do I do about it?" then this course is for you. 


By participating in this workshop, you will:

  • Explore the effects of the abuse as they show up in your present day experiences
  • Clarify and set recovery goals and see measurable results
  • Learn techniques and strategies for breaking free of patterns of thought or behavior
  • Transition from surviving to beyond surviving 

The techniques and lessons shared in the course are not just ideas I teach, but are what I used during my own recovery to reach a place that is beyond surviving. 


Topics we will explore in the course include: 

  • Techniques for Challenging False Beliefs: Learn to Rewire Your Brain
  • Exploring the Abuse & Resulting False Beliefs: Letting Go of Shame & Guilt
  • Our Emotions: Fear, Anger, Abandonment
  • Our Relationships: Trust, Intimacy, Vulnerability
  • How to Move On 

Begins March 14 - only 8 spots available!


Register for the Course


Before March 2: $430

March 2-9: $530


Contact Rachel at 415-513-0700 or

The Big Shift Experience 2012

March 23-25, 2012 


Hi there, it's Bill Baren.


I would like to invite you to The Big Shift Experience, a highly-experiential, 3-day business growth workshop.


I've broken down everything I've done in the last 3 years to create a 7-figure coaching business and am laying it out as systemized plan, which I'll be sharing with you at the event so you're able to model and implement the exact same business strategies I've used.


And you'll leave this unique transformational business training event with your own roadmap for expanding your business in 2012, and you'll create a new vision for your business that's far greater than what you currently hold as possible.


During this event you will discover:

  • A simple, focused plan for adding $100,000 or more to your business
  • My top secrets for working with Joint Venture partners so that you reach 10 times as many people in 2012
  • A powerful new way of enrolling clients into premium coaching packages that is in complete alignment with your personal values and integrity
  • Shift your money & success consciousness: Achieve freedom from beliefs and mindsets that hold you back from success

The event is March 23-25, 2012 at the SFO Hyatt Regency.


Get full details at:  

There is a special reduced ticket rate for members of ICF SF Bay Area Coaches and any former members of the other Bay Area coaching chapters.


I'd love to have you join us.



Bill Baren

Founder and President, Bill Baren Coaching (and past Co-President, SF Coaches)

Integral Coaching Principles with New Ventures West

Earn 24 CCEUs with the founder of Integral Coaching®


Rejuvenate Your Coaching Practice


Join New Ventures West founder James Flaherty  for Integral Coaching Principles:


This training is ideal for experienced coaches, practitioners trained in other methodologies, HR and OD professionals, and anyone looking to take their practice to the next level.


You will learn the Integral Coaching®  methodology experientially, and come away with:  

  • Powerful, body-centered approaches for listening and attuning to each client
  • A greater understanding of how Integral Coaching® supports lasting transformation and excellence in others
  • A personalized self-development plan intended to deepen and integrate your own experience with life
  • Greater freedom and a sense of renewal in your work with clients  

Coaches certified through the International Coach Federation will receive 24 hours of Continuing Coaching Education Units (CCEUs): 16 in Core Competencies, and 8 in Personal Development.


Date: April 18 - 20, 2012

Time: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Location: Lauren Coaching Center, San Francisco

Tuition: $1275 ($175 early registration discount through March 9)  

Spaces are limited. Learn more and register here. 


Questions? We'd love to hear from you: /800.332.4618.



an intensive three-day training for coaching professionals who are looking to add freshness, rigor, and depth to their practice.  

Certify as a Presence-based Enneagram Coach with Deep Coaching

New Training Cohort begins March 28


Special Discount for ICF and SFBAC Chapter Members - $500 off program tuition


Program Description: An advanced coaching school for experienced human growth professionals who share our vision of a world where people live with less judgment, more compassion and in relationship with their deeper intelligence. Deep Coaching professionals support others in creating this evolutionary human capacity.


Our radically compassionate and counter-intuitive approach to the change process is based on a deep understanding of the nine rich dimensions of human consciousness.

This one-year program includes in-depth distance courses, a live intensive, a 5-month faculty-supervised fieldwork program, and ongoing contact with a community practicing personal and professional presence.

  • Build your capacity and confidence in the power and the deep, raw intelligence of presence-based coaching as a basis for real and sustainable client change
  • Gain understanding, skills and tools to work with the multiple dynamics affecting your client's growth
  • Grow yourself and expand your business 

Our community is actively applying this work within the medical, legal, social change, spiritual guidance, organizational, leadership, and personal awareness arenas.  We are accredited as an Enneagram School by the International Enneagram Association (IEA) and are approved by the ICF.
For more information:  visit and listen to  a coaching demo:  "Coaching Through the Unknown."   Contact Diana Redmond, DCI Director at
 for additional information, to discuss the application/registration process and to receive your $500 discount code.

                                                        Deep Coaching Institute


Ours is a warm, welcoming, inclusive community - a place where coaches come together.  Whether you are a new or seasoned coach, you have come to the right place.  We are glad you are here!
The January, February and March gatherings of SF Coaches are free to anyone who was a member of the East Bay, North Bay or Silicon Valley chapters in December 2011.

Susan BlakeSusan Blake
SF Coaches - Communications 


ICF - San Francisco Bay Area Coaches
268 Bush St. #4039
San Francisco, CA 94104