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September 2012

Lisa Murray




                    CHECKING IN           September 2012 Newsletter

In This Month's Issue of Checking In:
:: President's Message
:: Welcome New Members!
:: September Monthly Gathering
:: ICF Updates September 2012
:: North Bay Coaches
:: Coaching Resources and Announcements


Welcome to  Checking In, the monthly newsletter for ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches members and friends. In this newsletter you will find details about the next chapter gathering, ways to take advantage of your ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches membership and other valuable pieces of information to benefit you as a coach.

President's Message - News and More News  


Hello Members and Friends of ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches (SFBAC),  Keiko


Wow, it's hard to believe that summer is almost over!  Did you catch our August 14th chapter gathering with guest speaker Andrea J. Lee?  I'm pleased to report that we had a record turnout for a mid-summer meeting with almost 70 participants!


The August meeting was also our pilot session for our new Live-Streaming process.  Fabienne Doze, our recently appointed Director of Virtual Programs, successfully broadcast Andrea  J. Lee's presentation to our remotely located pilot participants.  As we fine-tune our process, we'll be offering live-streaming of our San Francisco presentations to members around the Bay Area.  Stay tuned for more details.


Make sure to join us for our September 12th gathering with Cheryl Dolan, who will be speaking about The Art and Science of Powerful Presence.  Knowing how to grab your audience's attention is an important skill for all of us to master.  And by popular demand, we'll have a Speaker's Reception after the presentation.  (See below for details and the registration link.)


WANTED:  Volunteers to help us keep SFBAC vibrant and valuable for our members.  We're looking for help with: 

  • New Meeting Venue Search Committee ... As we outgrow our Handlery Hotel meeting space, we need some volunteers for this ad hoc committee to search for other possible meeting venues in San Francisco
  • Programs Committee ... Need volunteers to assist our Programs Director with writing, event planning, and administrative tasks
  • East Bay Liaison Representative ... Are you an SFBAC member who lives in the East Bay?  If so, consider applying to be our East Bay Liaison Rep on the SFBAC Board.  This person must be enthusiastic about SFBAC and willing to spend a few hours a month by:
    • Attending our quarterly board meetings and monthly conference calls
    • Representing the interests of East Bay members
    • Welcoming new SFBAC members from East Bay
    • Conducting a periodic outreach campaign to members and prospective members in East Bay
    • Organizing periodic get-togethers of SFBAC members in the East Bay 

Please contact me at  for more details on these important volunteer roles.


Our chapter continues to grow!  A very warm welcome to our new members listed in this newsletter.


This is a very exciting time to be a member of SF Bay Area Coaches.  We are a lively community of coaches that you'll love to be with and grow with.  If you're an ICF member, you're eligible to join our chapter at a discounted dues rate.  Click here to learn more about our membership benefits, dues and to join online. 


ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches is a vibrant, innovative, fun and wildly successful community of professional coaches ... the go-to place to learn, grow, succeed and thrive together.


I look forward to seeing you at our September 12th gathering! 


All the best, 

Keiko Signature  

Keiko Hsu, CPC, ACC, CDC

President - ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches | 

San Francisco, CA

Welcome New Members!


Welcome to the following new members: 


East Bay: Judith Cohen, Meryl Shaw, Veronica Taylor

North Bay: Elisabeth von Halem

San Francisco: Duncan Anderson, Jody Larimore, Kate Bednarski

South Bay: Isabelle Peyrichoux, Jay Whiting, Mike Beasley


Monthly Gathering: 


The Art and Science of Powerful Presence

Cheryl Dolan, September 12, 2012


You have 30 seconds to grab your audience's attention. 93% of people's perception of you has to do with your "presence."


In this interactive lab, using multi-sensory processes from neuroscience, adult learning theory, communication, coaching, leadership, storytelling, creative thinking, and public speaking, you will begin to understand your inventory of strengths ("presence points"), how to leverage them to deeply and authentically connect with your audience and embody Your Authentic Presence, a prerequisite to high stakes communication skills including public speaking, with confidence in any situation: In an interview, in the boardroom, in a meeting, in a difficult conversation, on a stage.  


Event Details


Date:             Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Location:      Handlery Hotel - Union Square Room, 351 Geary Street  (Powell & Mason St)

Cost:              Free for SF Bay Area Coaches members.    $20 for guests/non-members.

Time:              6:30 Registration

                       6:50 Community Building

                       7:00 Presentation

                        8:20 Speaker's reception with cash bar




Cheryl DolanCheryl Dolan, MA is a specialist in communication and leadership presence and has 30 years combined experience as a speech/language pathologist, facilitator, speaker and executive coach. Her PLATINUM PRESENCE® program has been delivered in international corporations, organizations, and institutes of higher education, including Harvard University and MIT Sloan School. Cheryl is Past President of the International Coach Federation, New England Chapter.                     

ICF Update September 2012 


Are you an ICF member who can't get to the ICF Global Conference in London, Oct. 3 - 6, 2012?  You can still get a fantastic conference education for free from the ICF website!  Go to Events on the menu, then check out the ICF Conference Archives from annual conferences past all the way back to 1998.  If you're an ICF member, you can download hundreds of free mp3 audio files of conference presentations by expert coaches worldwide (and lots of handouts, too)-- another great reason to become an ICF member NOW!!


Below are some samples of the exciting downloadable presentations from the 2011 ICF conference in Las Vegas:

-  "Is it rocket science or not" How NASA builds teams" with Dianne Brennan, MCC, and more

-  "Money Talk: Financial coaching skills and being the change agent in the economy" with Joan King, MCC, Evonne Latimer, MCC, Tony Magill MCC, and more

-  "Coaching's Creative Quotient (CQ)" with David Matthew Prior, MCC

-  "China, the final frontier:  Transforming coaching to create a true global community" with Peter Barr, MCC and Angel Fang


Congratulations to ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches-- that's us!-- for being cited by the International Coach Federation as a model, brand-aligned ICF Chapter in the latest bulletin from ICF Global headquarters.  Lots of hard work and inspired efforts from the Transitions Team and our web personnel, Tony and Sara, went into making this possible.  Check out our new logo and website!


Changes in the Continuing Coach Education (CCE) requirement for renewing ICF Credentials (ACC, PCC, MCC) starting in 2012:


1) Renewal requirement will be 40 hours of CCE that includes:

   *  At least 24 hours of Core Competencies from

     - Live training (as a student or instructor)

     - Curriculum development

     - Writing for publication

     - Peer-reviewed research

   *  An additional 16 hours of Core Competencies or Resource Development, which may be        obtained through self-study or any of the activities listed above.


PLEASE NOTE:  An increasing number of CCE classes will be posted on the ICF Event Calendar.  These will be offered by CCE Providers, accredited coaching programs, ICF Chapters, ICF Communities of Practice, and others.


2) ACC Credentials will continue to require an additional 10 hours of mentor coaching for renewal.


If your credential is due for renewal in 2012, you can find the 2012 Credential Renewal Application posted on the Renew Your Credential page of the ICF website.


North Bay Coaches


Carpool to the Monthly Gatherings


Come on out & play! We've got a good rhythm going for carpooling to meetings in the city on the second Wednesday of each month. We meet in Corte Madera at the Brick & Bottle ( ) at 4:30 for a bite to eat & something to drink (they have great prices & offerings for Happy Hour!). At 5:30 we gather to carpool, leaving by 5:40 sharp.


Just show up if you want to join in - it's easy, it's affordable & it's energy efficient. And did I mention that it's fun?!  The ride home with buddies & discussion is the perfect way to deepen your learning from the meeting.


Janet Valette, CPCC

North Bay Liaison




Coaching Resources and Announcements

Core Values Index™ (CVI™) Certification Training

 - first time in Bay Area


Get certified to use this tool in your coaching practice.


The Core Values Index™will help your:

  • clients make better and more satisfactory contributions in less time
  • business achieve better results for customers and greater profitability for you
  • satisfaction levels exceed prior expectations 

The Core Values Index™characterizes and quantifies what Abraham Maslow called the unchanging innate nature of a person that inscribes where a person can make her or his highest and most productive contribution to the world. 


The Core Values Index™is the only human assessment that:

  • consistently  results in increasing human capital efficiency by a factor of 2 or even 3 in any kind of job, any kind of company, in any industry
  • provides 94% repeat score reliability, year over year
  • uses medical grade image processing algorithms   

One example:

A senior executive with whom I worked had made eight job changes in 12 years. She was capable, competent, personable, and had outstanding leadership abilities. Each failure chipped away at her confidence, repeatedly stealing the essence of who she was. We identified her core values. These helped her see how what she did had to be aligned with who she was. Armed with this new insight, she was freed to make her highest and best contributions.


Dates:              November 1 & 2, 2012

Time:                8:30am to 5pm

Place:              Embassy Suites, SFO

Contact:          Gail M. Webber, MA  

                         Coach & Consultant


                         650 269-2204


ICF Sacramento Coaches Association Monthly Gathering


Tuesday, September 11, 2012 11:30-1:00pm


Expand Your Coaching Business by Coaching Social+Emotional Intelligence


If you are in Sacramento or the surrounding counties, join Sacramento Coaches and Dr. Laura Belsten for this highly-engaging, content-rich, evidence-based and fun presentation on how you can grow and expand your coaching business through social + emotional intelligence coaching and training.

Foundations of Action Learning


Sponsored by The World Institute for Action Learning-USA (WIAL)


Presenter: Chuck Appleby, Ph.D., Master Action Learning Coach


San Francisco - October 25th & 26th (Location TBD)


Register on-line:


Earn 16 ICF CCEUs


Learn a powerful problem-solving tool and enhance leadership & team development in real time.  This intensive, highly interactive two-day Foundations of Action Learning session will present the six components of Action Learning and the two ground rules in detail.  Participants will learn the practical reasons why Action Learning is so effective as well as have an opportunity to experience Action Learning as a participant and as a coach.

This program is for:

  • Potential Action Learning Coaches
  • Organizational development professionals
  • Independent consultants

Participants will:

  • Earn a certificate of participation
  • Participate in an Action Learning team
  • Discuss the practical and conceptual principles behind Action Learning
  • Observe how Action Learning works
  • Practice the role of the learning coach in an Action Learning session.

REGISTER TODAY AT:  WIAL-USA Membership discounts are available!  Please e-mail Dr. Bea Carson for any questions regarding the training.


Study with the founder of Integral Coaching®!


Integral Coaching Principles is an intensive three-day course for coaches, consultants, therapists and other professionals looking to add depth to their practice and a richer coaching structure to their client relationships.


Learn the three core assessment models used in the methodology, along with powerful, body-centered approaches for attuning to each client. Come away with a personally tailored development plan and new ways of working that will keep your coaching fresh, creative, and deeply effective.


Takes place in San Francisco on October 23-25, led by James Flaherty, the founder of New Ventures West.


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The newly unified SFBAC has the potential to be much, much more than the sum of its parts. That includes you. This is your challenge: Do not rely on past history - you get to choose, to have an impact, to create the future. Here's my picture - come find me at the next meeting and introduce yourself! I want to meet you and hear what you have to say!
Susan Blake 
Susan Blake
ICF SFBAC Communications Director

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