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October 2012

Lisa Murray




                                             CHECKING IN             October 2012 Newsletter

In This Month's Issue of Checking In:
:: President's Message
:: Welcome New Members!
:: October Monthly Gathering
:: ICF Updates August 2012
:: Coaching Resources and Announcements

Welcome to  Checking In, the monthly newsletter for ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches members and friends. In this newsletter you will find details about the next chapter gathering, ways to take advantage of your ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches membership and other valuable pieces of information to benefit you as a coach.

President's Message - News and More News  


Hello Members and Friends of ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches (SFBAC),  Keiko


Happy Autumn! This is going to be a wonderful Fall!


Our September meeting was a lot of fun and packed with useful information. Cheryl Dolan spoke on The Art and Science of Powerful Presence.  If you weren't able to get there but would like to learn more about how to focus your attention, enhance your Presence and grab your audience's attention, members of SFBAC can access the recording (and recordings of prior meetings!) by logging in to and going to Past Events.


Our October meeting promises to take us to new heights! You asked and we listened, and on October 10th we will have a very special "Back to School Night" with Master Coaches Judith Cohen, Liz Zed and Steve Levin. Whether you're new to coaching or an experienced coach, this promises to be an inspiring and educational evening! Please sign up early to reserve your space, as we expect this to be a very popular event!


AND, to allow additional access to these seasoned professionals, you can also attend a special Dinner with the Masters prior to the meeting. Dinner is limited to 30 people, so if you would like to engage in conversation with our MCC's over dinner, please register soon. You can register for dinner and the meeting or just the meeting; registration information is below.


Speaking of events, the ICF Global conference is just around the corner, and the keynotes will be livestreamed! See below for more information.


Our chapter continues to grow!  A very warm welcome to our new members listed in this newsletter.


This is a very exciting time to be a member of SF Bay Area Coaches.  We are a lively community of coaches that you'll love to be with and grow with.  If you're an ICF member, you're eligible to join our chapter at a discounted dues rate.  Click here to learn more about our membership benefits, dues and to join online. 


ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches is a vibrant, innovative, fun and wildly successful community of professional coaches ... the go-to place to learn, grow, succeed and thrive together.


I won't be at the October 10th gathering (I'll be on my honeymoon!) but I know you will have a wonderful time! I look forward to seeing you in November!


All the best, 

Keiko Signature  

Keiko Hsu, CPC, ACC, CDC

President - ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches | 

San Francisco, CA


* * * * * 

Welcome New Members


Welcome to the following new members:


East Bay: No new members this month!

North Bay: Lauretta Zucchetti, Lewis Griggs

San Francisco: Paula Kenney, Cox Ferrall

South Bay: Shariann Tom, Leslie Gunterson, Diane Dreher


* * * * * 

October 10, 2012 is "back to school" night at San Francisco Bay Area Coaches!


Evening with the Masters

with MCC coaches Judith Cohen, Liz Zed, and Steve Levin


You've asked and here it is:  Coaching demonstrations by the best! Master Coaches Judith Cohen, Liz Zed, and Steve Levin come from the three main arms of the profession-life coaching, leadership and executive coaching and business coaching. They will each coach a "client" while we watch and learn and ask questions. Come see how the core competencies look when practiced at the MCC level. 

  • If you would like to be coached by one of our experts as the demo "client" at the meeting, with your own 'real life' topic, please contact Janet Valette Please specify which coach you'd like to be coached by, along with a one sentence description of your coaching topic and your phone number. If you are chosen, your coach may contact you ahead of time to design the alliance.  

Date:               Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Location:        Handlery Hotel - Union Square Room, 351 Geary Street (Powell & Mason St)

Cost:                Free for SF Bay Area Coaches members. The cost for guests is $20.

Time:                6:30 Registration

                         6:50 Community Building

                         7:00 Presentation

                         8:20 Speaker's reception with cash bar




Judith Cohen, MCC has been a member of the CTI Faculty since 1996. She specializes in training coaches and specifically focuses on helping coaches attain mastery of their craft. She is the Lead Coach for the Effective Influence Conference, an annual conference devoted to cross cultural communication.


Steve Levin, MCC has over 20 years of coaching and consulting experience. He has presented and trained coaches all over the world and has specialized in leadership and executive coaching.


Liz Zed, Phd., MCC, Liz has a strong background in business coaching as informed by transpersonal psychology. 


  • You really want to attend and you can't make it to San Francisco? We're testing a new format for our distant members. Meet close to home with fellow coaches and listen in to the Master Certified Coaches as they do coaching demonstrations and answer questions. For more information contact Fabienne Doze


Dinner with the Masters (Optional)


Make the evening even more special - join us for an optional pre-meeting dinner with the MCCs who will be speaking!




Note: If attending the pre-meeting dinner you must still register separately for the meeting - see above.


* * * * 

ICF Update October 2012


From the International Coach Federation (ICF), Say the word, 9/21/12:


Last month, in honor of the word "life coach" being added to the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, we asked our Facebook ( fans to answer the following question, "Coaches, what do you think this says about the professional coaching industry and its future?" Take a look below to see how our Facebook fans responded:


"Our work is global and significant." (Kaylus Adams Vision-Coach)


"What is a life coach? Look it up!" (Keith Lawrence Miller)


"This means that people recognize that hiring a coach to make better different areas of someone's life is a great investment. I say investment and not expense because taking care of our well-being is key to our success and happiness. I would also add that taking care of the 'life' side of the human being will for benefit the 'business' side too. Everything is interlinked: career, health, happiness, spirituality, love life, etc." (Ines Mahjoub)


"The protectors of our language . . . reflect, rather than create new language. Thus, they rarely accept a new word until it is already mainstream. That the term Life Coach is recognized sufficiently to enter the permanent records says something about the legitimacy and acceptance of coaching. I am happy to hear it!" (Jim Smith)


"How far we've come in awareness and understanding about coaching in the past 17 years!" (Diane Gard Brennan)


"I posted this on the Merriam-Webster page: Glad to see the profession listed but we never use the term 'advisor' to define a coach, as advice-giving is decidedly not the role of a coach, but rather, the role of a mentor. Professional coaches question, probe, prod, reflect, clarify, challenge, and many other things but virtually never do they advise, direct, instruct, or provide recommendations...." (Christopher McCluskey) 


ICF Global 2012 may be sold out, but you can still be a part of the magic that will happen in London, October 3-6, by listening to virtual video streaming of the conference keynote speakers!  These sessions will be shown live, free of charge. All you need to do is  register through the ICF Shopping Cart before Tuesday, October 2, to watch Mega Catalysts Brene Brown, David Whyte, and Camila Batmanghelidjh, as well as the closing general session led by Provocateur Neil Mullarkey.  Details on how to access the live video feeds will be confirmed following registration. 


These will be offered at the following dates and times (listed below are in local time for London, UK):


Thursday, October 4 (0900-1030/9:00 - 10:30 a.m.): Brene Brown

Friday, October 5 (0900-1100/9:00 - 11:00 a.m.): David Whyte

Saturday, October 6 (0900-1030/9:00 - 10:30 a.m.): Camila Batmanghelidjh

Saturday, October 6 (1400-1530/2:00 - 3:30 p.m.): Neil Mullarkey

Host a viewing party with colleagues, friends, or your local Chapter!


Want to learn even more? Following ICF Global 2012 within 45 days, a selection of On Demand/streaming videos that capture an assortment of breakout sessions from ICF Global 2012 will be available for purchase through the ICF Shopping Cart. Stay connected and the ICF social media channels for more information on these videos once available. 


* * * * * 


Coaching Resources and Announcements

Join Sacramento Coaches for Networking/Speaker/Chapter News


5 Essentials for Coaching Effective Leadership

On October 9, 2012, 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. (evening meeting)

The question is not- "Are you a leader?"


The question is- "Where in your life are you a leader and ...are you effective at leading?"

Presented by: Machen MacDonald, founder of ProBrilliance Leadership Institute owns and operates a successful coaching practice, and has authored 4 books and contributed to 4 others. He is currently the President of the Sacramento Coaches Association.


* * * * 

Study with the founder of Integral Coaching®!


Integral Coaching Principles is an intensive three-day course for coaches, consultants, therapists and other professionals looking to add depth to their practice and a richer coaching structure to their client relationships.


Learn the three core assessment models used in the methodology, along with powerful, body-centered approaches for attuning to each client. Come away with a personally tailored development plan and new ways of working that will keep your coaching fresh, creative, and deeply effective.


Takes place in San Francisco on October 23-25, led by James Flaherty, the founder of New Ventures West.

 NVW banner no tag 9.27.12

* * * * 

Carpool to Monthly Gatherings!


SFBAC members can make carpool arrangements via our Facebook Group! If you're a member of SFBAC but haven't joined the Facebook group, check it out!


* * * * 

Attention Coaches in the South Bay!
It's time for a gathering of coaches in the South Bay! Join Gwyneth Anne Freedman and other colleagues on Thursday, November 8th for a "no-host" social gathering for coaches to meet / reconnect and socialize. All coaches are welcome! Please RSVP to Gwyneth Anne at
Where: Chevy's at 1502 Saratoga Avenue  San Jose, CA 95129 (408) 871-9110
When: Thursday, November 8th at 6:00 p.m.

* * * *  

The newly unified SFBAC has the potential to be much, much more than the sum of its parts. That includes you. This is your challenge: Do not rely on past history - you get to choose, to have an impact, to create the future. Here's my picture - come find me at the next meeting and introduce yourself! I want to meet you and hear what you have to say!
Susan Blake 
Susan Blake
ICF SFBAC Communications Director



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