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December 2012

Lisa Murray




                                                        CHECKING IN           December 2012 Newsletter
In This Month's Issue of Checking In:
:: President's Message
:: Welcome New Members!
:: Chapter Elections: Don't Forget to Vote!
:: "Excellence in Service" Award
:: ICF Updates December 2012
:: SFBAC Essay Contest
:: Coaching Resources and Announcements

Welcome to  Checking In, the monthly newsletter for ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches members and friends. In this newsletter you will find details about the next chapter gathering, ways to take advantage of your ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches membership and other valuable pieces of information to benefit you as a coach.



President's Message - December 2012 


Hello Members and Friends of ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches (SFBAC),  Keiko


As we approach the end of the year, I'm reflecting on this dynamic year of transition as we merged four Bay Area ICF chapters into one unified mega-chapter.   Thanks to the creativity, resourcefulness, and dedication of our Board and the Transition Team, we've grown our chapter membership by 226%!! 


We've accomplished a lot this year:

  • Structural Changes for our Chapter
    • New Name:   ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches
    • New membership & dues structure with additional benefits for ICF members
  • Outreach
    • New insights through our Member Surveys
    • Email campaigns to members and prospective members
    • New abbreviated newsletter format
    • New FaceBook Group for SFBAC Members Only
  • Programs:
    • Outstanding speaker programs that attracted a record number of participants to our SF meetings
    • Audio and video recordings of our speaker programs for members to access on SFBAC website
    • Live-streaming and audio-streaming pilot programs to "virtually" engage participants real-time, from all corners of the Bay Area
  • A New Website ... with lots of cool features that will be launching this month! J
  • Plus lots of other Board accomplishments "behind the scenes":   Vision/Mission statement, legal and tax reviews, updated Bylaws, new budget process, enrollment model, customer segmentation model, and more.

I'm so very honored to have served as President in such a dynamic year of change! 


By the way, we're still seeking volunteers to serve on the 2013 SFBAC Board of Directors and committees.  Available Board positions are:  Secretary, Marketing & PR Director, Silicon Valley/South Bay Liaison, and ICF Liaison Representative.  If you are an SFBAC Member and would like to contribute in any way to our wonderful coaching community, please contact me at so we can explore what role(s) would be a good fit for your skills, your interests, and your time availability.  Even if you can only spare a few hours a week on one of our many committees, you can serve a vital role in our chapter!


If you're not a Member yet, please take this opportunity to join us!  We are a lively community of coaches that you'll love to be with and grow with.  ICF members can join our chapter at a discounted dues rate.  Click here to learn more about our membership benefits, our dues structure, and to join online. 


ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches is a vibrant, innovative, fun and wildly successful community of professional coaches ... the go-to place to learn, grow, succeed and thrive together.


I look forward to seeing you at our December 12th Holiday Party!  


All the best, 

Keiko Signature  

Keiko Hsu, CPC, ACC, CDC

President - ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches | 

San Francisco, CA



Welcome New Members


Welcome to the following new members:


East Bay: Pete Small

North Bay: Patricia Callahan

San Francisco: Alicia Berberich

South Bay: No new members this month!



Chapter Elections: Don't Forget to Vote!


It's the end of the year and so it's time for elections for the 2013 Board of ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches!


Ballots were sent out on November 30th with an invitation to all Tier I members (SFBAC members who are also members of ICF) to vote for 2013 elected positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer by Friday, December 7. (All other board positions will be selected from nominations submitted to the Board.)


If you are a Tier I member and haven't voted yet, please take just a moment to click on this ballot link and cast your vote before Friday December 7:




The new officers will be announced at the Holiday Party on December 12th.


Voting rights are a benefit of Tier I membership, as stated in the by-laws of ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches. All SFBAC members who are also members of the International Coach Federation are entitled to vote in this election. For more information about membership benefits and to join or upgrade your membership, please Click Here.



You are cordially invited to the

ICF SF Bay Area Coaches


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


You are invited to a fun evening of

hors d'oeuvres, holiday spirits, good

conversation, and meaningful connections!


SFBAC Members - FREE Admission

Spouses, Guests, Non-Members - $20.00 per person

Students with valid Student ID - $10.00 per person


Handlery Hotel

351 Geary Street

San Francisco CA


Register Here: 



"Excellence in Service" Award


Nominate Your Choice for the ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches 2012 "Excellence in Service" Award 


We would like to continue our annual tradition of recognizing one of our members for their outstanding contribution to the SFBAC community in 2012. Many members contribute to making the SFBAC community a welcoming, vibrant gathering place for coaches!


Please consider the criteria below and send your nominations for the award to Susan Blake (Communications Director) at by Thursday, December 6, 2012.Nominations should include the nominee's name and a few lines showing one or more examples of what makes your nominee special.


Here are the suggested criteria for strong nominations: 

  • Demonstrated leadership by keeping chapter members motivated & involved
  • Demonstrated vision for the evolution of SFBAC as a vital arena for coaching & the coaching community
  • Contributed significantly to SFBAC's growth and success
  • Demonstrated a longstanding commitment to, involvement in, and support of the organization 

The Board of Directors will select this year's winner from your nominations and present the award at our Holiday Gathering on December 12th.


Please send your nomination by Thursday, December 6th!



ICF Update 

December 2012


ICF Reciprocal Peer Coaching Program Now Open!


The ICF Reciprocal Peer Coaching program is a fabulous opportunity for professional growth to all interested ICF members-- and it's ready to go NOW.  The aim of this program is to make coaching more accessible for coaches, thereby supporting ICF coaches in their ongoing professional and personal development with the best means we know how - coaching!


In addition to investing your time in offering coaching and being coached, you will only need to pay a nominal coordination fee for the program to match you with a coach and client and to monitor each reciprocal peer coaching relationship.  This process is not unlike buddy coaching; however because of the size and caliber of the ICF coaching community and the complex coordination process of the ICF Reciprocal Peer Coaching program, you are now much more likely to receive just the right coach at just the right time. You may also expand your global experience by either coaching or being coached by colleagues in other parts of the world.


Learn more now at (ICF login required). 



Core Competency Call - Coaching Presence


Free Core Competencies Virtual Classes with Ben Dooley, PCC.

Next class is on Wed., 12/19, 12 - 1 PM Pacific Time.

Free for all coaches, $10 fee for CCEU for each class.

Go to, Events, December to view bridgeline for this class.


So you think you know your Core Competencies? Think again. There is nothing like this. Prepare to immerse yourself in a deep exploration of these aspects of coaching with incredible insights to provocative questions in a powerful group conversation. Discover aspects and levels to your coaching skills that you never imagined. 


New coaches, build your coaching foundation powerfully.


Intermediate coaches, refine and deepen your coaching knowledge


Experienced coaches, prepare to discover what you didn't know.


ALL coaches, there's something here for you and you will leave each call with an insight and shift that you can take immediately back to your coaching. This is for coaches who want to kick it up a notch, dig deeper, and learn something new about your coaching core competencies.


Visit for more information and to listen to archived recordings.



SFBAC Essay Contest:


Business Building Blastoff




How Has ICF SF Bay Area Coaches Helped My Business Grow? 

Let Me Count the Ways:

What I've Learned and What I Plan to Implement in 2013 


One of our major priorities at SFBAC is to enable the business growth of our members. And we'd love to hear from you, the members of our chapter: What have you learned with us that has been helpful for the growth your business? To that end, we are sponsoring an essay contest:


How Has ICF SF Bay Area Coaches Helped My Business Grow? Let Me Count the Ways: What I've Learned and What I Plan to Implement in 2013


Please submit your essay of 350-500 words on the topic to Susan Blake, Director of Communications, at All entries must be submitted by January 15th, 2013. This contest is open only to current members SFBAC.


The Grand Prize winner will receive: 

  • 2-hour one-on-one in-person coaching session in San Francisco chapter President, Keiko Hsu, to review your business strategy, brainstorm possibilities, and to create an actionable business plan to take your business to the next level. (This prize expires June 30, 2013.)
  • $50 gift certificate to Better World Books, and
  • 2 complimentary guest passes to SFBAC meetings. 

Additionally, the Grand Prize winner will have his/her essay and profile featured on our new website, with a link to his/her coaching web site!


The second prize winner will receive: 

  • $25 gift certificate to Better World Books, and
  • 2 complimentary guest passes to SFBAC meetings. 


One Honorable Mention winner will receive: 

  • 2 complimentary guest passes to SFBAC meetings. 

Deadline for essay submission is 1/15/13. Winning essays will be chosen by a panel of our board composed of past, present and future Presidents (Julie Daley, Keiko Hsu & Greg Peters) and our Communications Director, Susan Blake. Examples of the criteria to be considered for choosing winners will be:  Quantified Results, Depth and Breadth of ICF SFBAC Engagement & Resources Used, and Quality of Writing. The winners will be announced in the early February in the SFBAC newsletter.


Coaching Resources and Announcements

Want to make new local female friends in 2013?  


On the weekend of January 11 & 12, Shasta Nelson, CEO of will be matching up small groups of potential friends and leading them through her Friendship Accelerator weekend.  These groups have had amazing success - of the 13 groups she's launched, at least 11 of them are still getting together regularly long after the event is over.  Interspersing teaching from her new book "Friendships Don't Just Happen" with sharing activities designed to help accelerate meaningful sharing, positivity, laughter, and consistency, she helps do for women what it often takes 6-8 months to do on their own.  One weekend can ensure you launch friendships that matter in your life!


All women between 21-75 who live in the East Bay, Peninsula, North Bay, or San Francisco are welcome to apply.  You'll be accepted if a match can be made with a local group of women your age.


For event details and information about applying by noon on Thursday, December 6th, go here.



Calling all North Bay Coaches who hold Celebration, Community & Fun (and Efficiency) on their list of top values!


Let's carpool to the SFBAC Holiday Party in San Francisco on December 12th. Please meet in the parking lot for Brick N Bottle (Book Passage) in Corte Madera at 5:30. See you there!  I'll be the one with tinsel in my hair.


Janet Valette,

North Bay Liaison



Are you ready to ignite the fires of your spiritual life in the New Year?


You're at a stage in your spirituality where you're having a difficult time connecting to traditional church anymore, and yet you deeply hunger for a meaningful spiritual life that makes a contemporary difference.  You're not quite sure how to go about searching and finding, leaving and landing in a way that honors your past, stimulates your present, and gives hope to your future.  You want a spirituality that makes sense and has integrity with your expanding worldview.


Those reasons are exactly why Dr. Greg Nelson (speaker, author, spiritual teacher, and coach) is offering a series of three seasonal weekend retreats here in the Bay Area-"Igniting the Fires of Your Spirituality"-designed to help you renovate and innovate a spirituality that honors who you are as a person.


This is limited to a cohort of 20 people.  The journey will include 3 retreats, 3 webinars, and other benefits, utilizing multiple tools and resources designed to help you build a personalized spiritual life that works for you.


The first retreat is January 25-26, 2013.  So time is of the essence.  Here is the link for event details:


For more information about Greg Nelson, go to:



Sacramento Coaches Monthly Meeting


It's That Time of Year Again: Sacramento Coaches Annual Holiday Party on December 11, 2012


Join us for the festivities at our Annual Holiday Party.  The venue was so enjoyed by all last year that we are holding the party at the same location:


Wine Gallery, 627 Sutter Street, Folsom, CA, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.


Free to Sacramento Coach Association members.  Includes fulsome appetizers, one glass of wine and a raffle ticket to win a few holiday surprises.


Guests are welcome for a $15.00 fee, which also includes appetizers, one glass of wine and a raffle ticket.


We encourage members to bring their spouses, friends and those interested in getting to know Sacramento coaches better.


Our members last year found the Wine-Art Gallery the perfect place to catch up and truly enjoy each others' company.


Read More:



The newly unified SFBAC has the potential to be much, much more than the sum of its parts. That includes you. This is your challenge: Do not rely on past history - you get to choose, to have an impact, to create the future. Here's my picture - come find me at the next meeting and introduce yourself! I want to meet you and hear what you have to say!
Susan Blake 
Susan Blake
ICF SFBAC Communications Director



ICF - San Francisco Bay Area Coaches
268 Bush St. #4039
San Francisco, CA 94104