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July 2013

Tony Scopelite

In This Month's Issue of Checking In:
Take Care of Yourself!


President's Message: 
Greetings Colleagues and Friends!

The SFBAC monthly gathering has been the keystone of our member engagement and development initiatives.  The presenters we’ve brought to you over the years have been diverse and engaging.  It has been a joy to witness the efforts of our Programs team during my Board term over the past couple of years, and I am extremely excited for what’s in store.  The Board is very happy to have a new Director of Programs, Gary Lam, continuing the tradition of quality programming and selection of high caliber presenters.

An essential part of Gary’s efforts involve understanding and hearing the voice of our members, which drives the collaborative efforts of our entire board in seeking out the types of presenters you want.  We are ever moving our profession and this chapter community to the next level, and we want to know what your ultimate wish-list would be for upcoming presenters!  

Please send your suggestions to Gary at: for immediate consideration.  Please also let Gary know if you can facilitate an introduction.  

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm regards,


Greg Peters CPCC, ACC
ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coache


The SFBAC Board:  Working Succeeds with Working Agreements

I previously shared with you the top values the SFBAC Board identified for itself from the board retreat held earlier this year.  We followed our discussion about values with a rich and thoughtful conversation about working agreements.

One of the most important tasks teams must accomplish is the creation of agreements about how they work together to achieve results and also how to be together when things are going well - or when things are challenging.

Here are some highlights of the Board's Working Agreement/Team Charter:

How do we want to celebrate?
•  Space to acknowledge each other’s accomplishments
•  Introduction circle:  what are you celebrating right now?
•  Do something special at the monthly gatherings…i.e. dessert bar, ask people to share what they are celebrating

How to be with each other:
•  Listen and acknowledge
•  Support each other
•  Ask for help when you need it
•  Open and honest communication

How do we deal with expectations that are not met?? ?
•  Say what’s true, be honest about it
•  Refer to Policies and Procedures manual
•  Talk to the person directly first, if not resolved then take to president

What won’t we tolerate?
•  Unresponsiveness
•  Unconstructive criticism
•  Gossiping
•  Taking the board position lightly, not having integrity about commitment to being on the board (indifference in terms of the role)
•  Avoidance (be direct with each other)

What are expectations of being a board member?
•  Make it clear to board members what they are committing to
•  Be a role model for members professionally, as business leaders (standard of professionalism)

I can't help but reiterate what an honor it is to serve this community as a board member, and to serve with a dynamic and diverse group of board members.

Do you have questions or thoughts about this? Please contact me at!

Greg Peters


Welcome New Members! 

Welcome to the following new members: 

East Bay: Annie Bailey
North Bay: Dana Jacoby
San Francisco: David Lund
South Bay: None this month
Undesignated: Beata Lewis, Shera Sever

New members, please be sure to set up your profiles so that prospective clients (and your fellow coaches!) can find you!

Coaches! You can attend our Monthly Gatherings without coming into San Francisco!

ICF SFBAC has a unique program that makes our monthly gatherings accessible to coaches all over the Bay Area. If coming into The City isn't feasible for you, check out our Regional Streaming Video Parties (RSVP) program.

Although still in its infancy, the RSVP program is proving to be very popular with members and friends in our outlying areas. You can gather with other coaches, enjoy conversation and community, and watch the monthly gathering - without worrying about traffic and parking. This month there are Regional Streaming Video Parties open to coaches in Palo Alto, Petaluma and San Ramon! Click here to find out more!

If you are interested in hosting an RSVP in your area, please contact your Regional Liaison.


Monthly Gathering

Melting Resistance and Making Profound Change Happen

Nearly all your clients inherently resist the very change that they claim they desire. They are asking you to help them resolve this seemingly impossible dilemma.   What’s worse, you most likely experience these same dynamics of resistance within yourself.  Yet, you can learn how to disarm these powerful anti-growth forces within yourself and within those you serve.  Once you do, your professional effectiveness will improve immeasurably. 

In this lively program, you will discover the surprising root causes of what holds people back from growing and changing.  Dr. Herman will provide precise tools for dislodging these blockages and generating deep, lasting change.  You’ll also gain valuable approaches and strategies for fostering an exquisite degree of self-mastery and relational mastery.

In attending this session, you will:
  • Understand how to melt resistance and get people deeply committed to changing.
  • Gain penetrating psychological wisdom that will fundamentally shift how you see your clients and their behaviors – so that you can help make the necessary adjustments and elicit the responses they need.
  • Acquire a framework for showing people how they create the very situations that so frustrate them – and how, through self-awareness, they can generate very different outcomes.
  • Learn a powerful system of insights and tools for triggering profound leadership and personal transformation.
Bio: Dean Herman, Ph.D., principal of Herman Consulting, is a psychologist, consultant and executive coach.  He has enhanced the performance of thousands of leaders in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia at such companies as Hewlett-Packard, Toyota, Nestle, Wells Fargo, Texas Instruments, Siemens and McKinsey & Company.  Dr. Herman brings the insights and power of the field of psychology to leaders in ways that are accessible and transformative.  He is the author of Four Portals to Power: A Practical Guide to True Self-Mastery for Leaders.

To attend this event via a Regional Streaming Video Party, Click here
To attend this event at the Handlery Hotel, Click here
                                                                 Wednesday July 10, 2013 6:30-9pm 
                                                                       Handlery Hotel San Francisco 
                                                                 FREE for members. Cost for guests is $20.


Take Care of Yourself!

Summer is in full swing, and we don’t have many announcements! So this seems like a good time to remind us all to take care of ourselves! Remember:

Drink lots of water!
Use your sunscreen!
Be mindful of other drivers who aren’t paying attention!
Have fun!


We hope you found this issue of Checking In fun and helpful! It is our goal to provide you with information that is useful to you as a Coach, and to help members and friends share their announcements with this community. If you would like to submit an announcement, please contact Submissions are due by the 25th of each month.

Susan T. Blake
Communications Director
ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches

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