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November 2013

Tony Scopelite

In This Month's Issue of Checking In:

President's Message

Greetings Members and Friends!

Did you move, and were you moved to include your body in coaching at our October program?  Amanda Blake’s highly engaging presentation helped show us how we can create lasting change through understanding how our bodies effect our behavior.  It has left me much more aware of how my body impacts my presence!

One of the many great benefits of membership in SFBAC is the ability to go back and view our video recordings of the monthly events!  The content of our programs is so rich, you’ll really appreciate being able to revisit those moments that really stuck with you, and perhaps see something new the second time around!

Our next program on November 13 brings us James Flaherty MCC, founder of New Ventures West.  James will be taking us into a deeper understanding of Integral Coaching, learning new ways of working with others, and perhaps coming away with a new perspective on your calling as a coach.  Join us in San Francisco or, for those in the Bay Area outside the City, at one of our thriving RSVP locations!  For all outside our region, the live-streaming option makes it possible to see our presentation live from anywhere in the world! 

Call for volunteers and nominees!  If you like to collaborate with coaches, have fun and make contributions to your community, I urge you to consider volunteer service to our Chapter.  We are always interested in hearing from those that would like to volunteer in any capacity or consider submitting a nominee for one of the Board Officer positions (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer) that will be voted on later this year for the 2014 term.  Visit our Leadership Team page to learn more about the various board roles and committees, and contact any board member for more info:

I look forward to seeing you at our next program on November 13!


Greg Peters CPCC, ACC
ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches

Welcome New Members!

Welcome to the following new members:

East Bay: Julie Fienstein Adams, Dan Kimble
North Bay: Jeffrey Strachan, Audrey Seymour
San Francisco: Jeremy Stover
South Bay: Holli McCormack

New members, please be sure to set up your profiles so that prospective clients (and your fellow coaches!) can find you!

Monthly Gathering
Beyond Coaching: "What the World is Really Asking of Us"
Presented by James Flaherty

As we endeavor to lessen clients’ suffering in a world that is growing ever more complex, our role as coaches grows deeper. Something more is being asked of us.  James Flaherty, MCC, founder of New Ventures West, will lead our group in an exploration of how we can shift and expand our work to address the most fundamental needs of our clients.  

In this interactive presentation, you will develop a deeper understanding of Integral Coaching, learn new ways of working with others, and perhaps come away a new perspective on your calling as a coach.

CCEU Credits: 2.0

To attend this event via a Regional Streaming Video Party, Click here
To attend this event at the Handlery Hotel, Click here
To attend this event via Video Livestreaming, Click here
                                                                 Wednesday November 13, 2013 6:30-9pm 
                                                                      Handlery Hotel San Francisco 
                                                                 FREE for members. Cost for guests is $20.


Save These Dates

Be sure to mark these dates on your calendar:

December 11: IC SFBAC Holiday Party - Dinner and improv by Lisa Safran 

January 8, 2014: Michael Charest  - Building a 6 Figure Coaching Business


Making The Case For Coaching

By Andy Elkind, Director of Business Development

As an ICF chapter – and as individual coaches who are trying to build our practices – we all need to make the case for coaching.  When we talk with prospective clients, HR managers, referral sources, colleagues in allied professions – and even friends and family members – we need to be able to communicate clearly and persuasively about the benefits that coaching can provide and the results that we can help our clients achieve.

As your Director of Business Development I am eager to support all of you in making the case for coaching.  And I’m starting to compile a list of resources that all the members of our chapter can use to support their communication and sales efforts with prospective clients and sponsors.

For example:

Here’s a link you can use to access the 2013 Executive Coaching Survey conducted by the Center for Leadership Development and Research at the Stanford Graduate School of Business:

And here’s a link to The Realities of Executive Coaching, a Harvard Business Review Research Report published in 2009:

Now it’s your turn!

What are the resources that you have found to be most valuable as you make the case for coaching?  Please send your links or PDFs to me at:

I’ll compile the best resources and make them available to all the members of our chapter.

Please join in and let’s work together to support each other’s business development efforts.  Thanks in advance for your help!

"Excellence in Service" Award
Nominate Your Choice for the ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches 2013 "Excellence in Service" Award 
This year we continue our annual tradition of recognizing one of our members for their outstanding contribution to the SFBAC community in 2013. Many members contribute to making the SFBAC community a welcoming, vibrant gathering place for coaches!
Please consider the criteria below and submit your nominee (this could also be yourself) using this form:  

Nominations should include the nominee's name and a few sentences that describe the nominees qualifications and demonstrate what makes your nominee special. Here are the suggested criteria for strong nominations: 

Demonstrated leadership by keeping chapter members motivated & involved
Demonstrated vision for the evolution of SFBAC as a vital arena for coaching & the coaching community
Contributed significantly to SFBAC's growth and success
Demonstrated a longstanding commitment to, involvement in, and support of the organization 

The Board of Directors will select this year's winner from your nominations and present the award at our Holiday Gathering on December 11th.
Please complete your nomination, submitted through the link above by Saturday, November 30!


ICF Update

Purchase OnDemand Packages to View ICF Advance 2013: Cultural Competency Virtually!

If you weren’t able join us in Washington, D.C. for ICF Advance, OnDemand packages are available to view at your convenience. Grow your cultural competence from your corner of the globe by purchasing a virtual package for ICF Advance 2013: Cultural Competency A single session will cost only $15 USD for ICF Members while an all-session package (nine sessions) will cost $110 USD for ICF Members. See pricing. Those who purchase OnDemand packages will receive up to 10.51 Resource Development CCE Units. Purchase an OnDemand package here.

ALSO: If you missed either pre-ICF Advance webinars, you can still re-visit them online.

ICF President’s Message:  My Credential Legacy

After working for a few years as an executive coach for an international management consulting company, I decided to become member of ICF and obtain the ICF coaching credential. I wanted to gain credibility for being committed to high professional and ethical standards and to develop a competitive advantage in the market. I found out that formal coaching education was a requirement, and I did not hesitate to enroll myself in a coaching program.

As soon as I graduated, I went for my PCC since I had many hours of experience under my belt. A few years later, I went for my MCC and it took me a lot of work to prepare and pass the exam, which demonstrates how high the ICF standards are.

As a result of holding an ICF Credential, I have been hired by people from all over the world to work with clients in Fortune 100 companies as well as agencies from the United Nations system. I am so passionate about ICF Credentials that I got my mother and brother, both coaches in Argentina, to get theirs. Today, both are proud PCCs.

The three of us are committed to continue growing professional coaching by supporting coaches in Latin America to get their ICF Credentials through mentor coaching and educational sessions.

What about you? If you are an ICF Credential holder, I urge you to share your Credential Legacy. Collectively, we have some amazing stories to share. Look through other submitted stories online. Create a video or write a message and share it here by October 31. A grand prize winner will win free ICF Credential renewals for the life of your ICF Credential (as long as requirements are met).
Kind regards,
Dr. Damian Goldvarg, MCC
2013 ICF President


Coaching Resources and Announcements

Earn CCEUs With Hardwiring Happiness: 
The New Brain Science of Lasting Inner Strength and Peace

On Saturday, November 16, best-selling author Rick Hanson, Ph.D., will offer strategies for boosting positive emotions and positive experiences.  This day-long seminar is presented by UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and co-sponsored by ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches.

ICF has approved this seminar for 6.5 CCEUs in Core Competencies.

The seminar will take place on Saturday, November 16, from 8:30 am to-4:30 pm at UC Berkeley’s International House, 2299 Piedmont Avenue, in Berkeley.  The event will also be webcast live.

Based on Dr. Hanson’s latest book, Hardwiring Happiness, this seminar will offer concrete, research-based strategies for using everyday positive experiences to develop lasting inner strength.

Participants will learn to:

•  Identify how and why the brain has a “negativity bias
•  Learn Dr. Hanson’s four-step HEAL method that imprints everyday positive experiences in the memory system, helping you feel strong, happy, peaceful, and loved
•  Process “antidote experiences,” including those useful for healing old pain
•  Explore methods to lower anxiety and stress, lift mood, develop calm and contentment, and fundamentally hardwire happiness into the brain
•  Gain a deeper scientific understanding of “self-directed neuroplasticity,” where we can use our minds to change the shape and functioning of our brains over time

The cost of the seminar is $149 for standard registration, $125 for Webcast registration.  SFBAC Members receive 10% off.  Use the code PERCOACH to receive your discount.

For more information and to register, go to: greatorgood.berkeley.eduhanson


Success with Soul, by ICF SFBAC Member Eve Siegel, Soon to Be Available in Print!

I’m thrilled to announce that my ebook, Success with Soul-- Loving Your Livelihood, Living in Balance, will also be available as a print book through Amazon by November 15th!  

In this book, I offer insights, support, and inspiration for opening your vision, overcoming obstacles, and creating successful outcomes for professional and personal changes based on my own work integrating career and life transitions coaching with body-energy (somatic) experiencing.

Success with Soul is an accessible, affordable, and supportive resource both for you and your clients.  The print version of Success with Soul will also make great holiday gifts for friends and family considering making changes in their lives!

        Interested?  Great!  At this time you can order Success with Soul:

•  As a pdf version that you can read on your computer
. Go to

•  As an ebook that you can read on Amazon Kindle, Kindle Cloud Reader, and using Kindle Applications for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phones and tablets.  Go to Amazon and type in “Success with Soul” or “Eve Siegel” in the search box.  When you get there, you can read the first chapter, as well as reviews of the book, and order it.  

•  As a print version from Amazon by November 15th!

How to Unleash Your Child's True Potential

Are you a parent of 5-12 year olds?  Are you wondering how to develop skills in your kids that will serve them their whole life?  Do you want to know how to get them to develop a growth mindset to they will be happy participating members of society?  Do you want to know how you can give them the skills they need while lowering their stress as well as your own?  Then come to this informative workshop for answers!

When: Friday November 15, 2013

Where: Fort Mason, Room 205C

For more information or to sign up go to


We hope you found this issue of Checking In fun and helpful! It is our goal to provide you with information that is useful to you as a Coach, and to help members and friends share their announcements with this community. If you would like to submit an announcement, please Submissions are due by the 25th of each month.

Susan T. Blake
Communications Director
ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches

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