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April 2014

Tony Scopelite
In This Month's Issue of Checking In:

President’s Message: SFBAC Takes to Asia

I'm watching the sun rise behind the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur as I send you this message from halfway around the world. I have been in Asia for a week, my first international vacation since I started my coaching business three years ago. It feels like a well-deserved respite for the hard work that made last year my first 6-figure year and has allowed me to finally take a guilt-free break!

I began my trip in Hong Kong visiting a dear friend who recently joined a startup there.  Hong Kong is a vibrant blend of local Cantonese people and expats from around the world, with fabulous food, buzzing nightlife, and seemingly endless shopping.  

While there I met with Hong Kong ICF President Tony Dickel. Tony's dynamic background includes training at New Ventures West, and we bonded over our shared experiences at my coaching alma mater. In addition to his coaching business, Tony runs the only ICF-accredited ACSTH coach training school in Hong Kong. Coaching seems to be a more nascent industry in Hong Kong than in San Francisco, but interest in the profession is rapidly growing. While Hong Kong coaches face the familiar challenge of client acquisition, ICF credentialing appears to carry some weight and can be a foot in the door, particularly for corporate coaching.  

I also met up with former SFBAC Marketing Director Pauline Tang, who left our chapter and moved back to her native Hong Kong last year. She graciously played tour guide and took me up to Victoria Peak, the pinnacle of Hong Kong Island, whence we could see 360-degree views of the city and watch the colorful lights of the skyscrapers come alive as the sun set.  

Now I am in Malaysia, a multi-ethnic blend of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures.  But my coaching journey didn't end in Hong Kong.  Yesterday I had the great pleasure of meeting with Mindvalley, an amazing multi-faceted organization that stands for "ideas, companies, and products that allow human beings to live healthier, happier lives."  I enjoyed a lovely breakfast with Mindvalley Senior Partner Ajit Nawalkha and Joukje de Beer, their Director of Affiliate Partnerships.  We discussed opportunities for collaboration with SFBAC and then Joukje gave me a tour of Mindvalley's mind blowing office, featured in Inc. Magazine's Top 10 World's Coolest Offices.   

With my work in Asia being done, I'm off to Penang today to hit the beach, excited about opportunities for SFBAC to continue expanding its global reach.

Bringing Our Bay Area Best To International Coaching Week
International Coaching Week 2014 is May 19–25 with the theme of “Experience Coaching,” so we’re planning to make it quite an experience. The complete details are being locked down even as we read, but here’s we’re dreaming of -- if we only have your help:

Speed Coaching w/ SCORE
Regional Happy Hours for our membership
Renegade Coaching in Union Square

We’re assigning roles now so sign up to make it happen by contacting Tina Ambrosini at

To learn more about  ICF Global’s ICW celebration, visit

Welcome New Members 
We’re happy to announce the following new members:

San Francisco: Angela King
South Bay Shellie Fletcher Roehrs, Ram Kedlaya
East Bay: Heather Rippere, Matthew Kowalski
North Bay: Dana Smith

New members, be sure to create your profile at, and join our private FaceBook group at
If you have questions about this, contact
April Monthly Gathering
Leverage Your Business Using Your Best Gifts — with Bryan Franklin

Ever wonder how to take your business to the next level?  Find out at our April 9 meeting!  Bryan Franklin will talk with us about how to grow our coaching practices into scalable/leveragable businesses using our best gifts.  

As a leadership mentor and Executive Coach, Bryan has helped 7 companies grow from startup to over $1 billion in sales and evaluation.  He has been the trusted adviser and Executive Coach for founders, CEO’s, and top executives of companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Cisco, and SAP.  There are natural plateaus in a coaching practice at one hundred thousand dollars in revenue and again at one million per year.  You can’t grow past these points without fundamentally changing your game.  Bryan will teach you these game changers and how to apply them to your practice.

CCE Credits - 2.0

Wednesday April 9, 2014 6:30-9pm 
FREE for members. Cost for guests is $20.

Attend in San Francisco at the Handlery Hotel, Click here.
Attend via a Regional Streaming Video Party, Click here.  
Attend via Video Livestreaming, Click here.

Refund Policy: CF SFBAC maintains high standards for its programs and speakers. Even so, we cannot guarantee that every program will resonate with every viewer. ICF SFBAC therefore maintains a "No Refunds" policy for viewer satisfaction with program content. Refunds will be considered for cancelled programs or technical failures at the point of origin (refunds are not available if the program is not viewable due to technical failure at the Purchaser's end).

Options for Viewing our Monthly Speaker Programs
ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches (SFBAC) is pleased to offer video live-streaming broadcasts of its monthly speaker programs to improve our reach to SFBAC members and non-members around the SF Bay Area, as well as ICF members around the world, and to provide Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEU credits)* to attendees of our broadcasts as well as our live meetings.
We feature a variety of outstanding presenters who speak on topics of interest to coaches who want to deepen their core coaching competencies and learn skills and tools for business development and personal growth.  We meet on the 2nd Wednesday evening of each month.  We now offer several options for participating in or viewing our speakers, as described below.  For Options #1, 2, and 3, please pre-register for the event .  Go to, and click on the Event Calendar to find your desired viewing option.

FREE Admission for SFBAC Members & Virtual Program Subscribers.  $20 for Non-Members.
  1. SF Gathering … Attend our main San Francisco meeting in-person.  Gather with your fellow coaches in a lively, large-group setting, and participate in our live event.  Experience the warmth and brilliance of our coaching community first-hand.  Create connections. Meet the speaker.
  2. Regional Gathering … Attend a Regional Streaming Video Party (RSVP) at a designated Bay Area meeting location near you.  Enjoy the evening with coaches in your local area, and watch the live-streaming broadcast together in an intimate, small-group setting.
  3. Individual Viewing … Watch the live-streamed video broadcast on your own computer in your home or office, in real time.
  4. Video Recording … If you missed the event, watch the video recording afterwards. Go to www.sfbayareacoaches.organd click on Past Event Videos.

How Non-Members Can Save Money

If you’re not a Member of SFBAC, join our chapter to get access to our great speaker programs and lots of other benefits!   Go to, click on Join SFBAC for more details.

If you’re a member of  a different ICF chapter but would like to attend SFBAC’s live-streaming broadcasts and access to our Past Event Videos, purchase a Virtual Program Subscription to save on per-event fees.      Go to, click on Virtual Program Subscription for more details.
** CCEUs are offered to attendees of our live events or livestreaming broadcasts who pre-register or sign in AND submit a Feedback & CCEU Request Form.  CCEUs are for Core Competencies or Resource Development, depending on program content.  (CCEUs for Resource Dev’t  are available for viewing a video recording after the event. If the viewer submits a Feedback & CCEU Request Form.)

Support Our Sponsor

We’re so grateful this year to have CRR Global Advanced Coach Training as an annual sponsor.
Click here to learn more about our annual sponsor, CRR Global.

Member Benefit — Mastermind Matchmaking

Have you ever wanted to find the perfect partners for brainstorming, learning, accountability and support to sharpen your skills and accomplish your goals? Then you want to be in a Mastermind Group, and SFBAC wants to help put you in one.
To be part of a group of around three supportive people who meet regularly to help one another gain mastery with goals, complete this form, which you can download here at this link. MasterMinder Jay Whiting will match you with your people, we’ll give you some starting information, and you all take it from there. This matchmaking is a service for members.

Trainers: Santa Clara County Seeks RFPs ASAP

Santa Clara County’s Learning and Employee Development Department (LED) is anticipating to release a Request for Proposals for Professional Development Training Services in April 2014. LED will be looking for trainers to provide courses to the county’s 15,000 employees on Professional Development, Employee Development, and Soft Skills topics, including, but not limited to people management, project management, communication skills, presentation skills, customer service, and more. The RFP will be released through with the NIGP code of 924-78: Teaching & Instruction Services. If you would like more information about the RFP or how to register for a free BidSync account, please contact Steven Blomquist at or 408-299-6858.

Just Days Away: Greater Good Science Center Presents The Science of a Meaningful Life 

UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center Presents The Science of a Meaningful Life: Self-Care for Health Professionals with Shauna Shapiro, Ph.D., and special guest presenter Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.
When: Friday, April 4, 8:30 am-4:30 pm
Where: UC Berkeley’s International House, 2299 Piedmont Ave.
Cost: $125-$149 – 20% discount available to GGSC members. here!
To register:
At this all-day seminar geared toward health care professionals, Shauna Shapiro, Ph.D., will offer concrete, research-based strategies for combatting stress and burnout as well as boosting compassion and mindfulness. Special guest presenter Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D., will supplement Shapiro’s presentation by providing innovative methods for care providers to connect with their patients. 6 CE credit hours for attending in-person or online.

More information available at

Members Making It Happen

A compilation of what our members are up to these days…

Path to Perfect Self’s Fabienne Slama presents The Woman Within

A six-week workshop that helps you let go of stress, redefine your priorities and most important, rediscover the woman within. This program is for women in their 40s and 50s who over the years forgot the woman in them and want to rediscover who they are. 

Are you in the turmoil of a transition? Do you simply want a more meaningful life? In just 6 weeks learn to let go of what stopping you and walk on the path toward your full potential. Enjoy this special time once a week for 90 minutes and meet with other women like you in a casual, intimate and fun environment.
  • Group limited to 8 participants.
  • The workshop will take place in Mountain View every Monday evening from 7:30 to 9pm starting Monday April 21st
  • Groups meeting at different time could be organized depending on demand
  • For more information and to register go to

Marijke Hallberg-Patiris says, Prepare to be amazed!

Step into your inner power and highest potential through Nature.

Sustainable change within us happens best at the limbic system level, where deep emotions like fear and anger reside.  A combination of walking and being in a more natural environment quickly taps into that system, allowing for meaningful changes to occur.

I conduct coaching walks in the Bay Area, and am inviting any and all who would like to experience the magic that happens when you tap into your own deepest animal core out in Nature, allowing you to become more present, align with your heart, let go of fear, be more curious, and really own your own power! Contact me through my website at
—Marijke Hallberg-Patiris MD, MS, CPCC, ACC

Submissions For Future Newsletters

We hope you found this issue of Checking In fun and helpful. Our goal is to provide you information useful to you as a Coach, and to help members and friends share their announcements with this community. If you would like to submit an announcement, please contact Submissions are due by the 25th of each month. 

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