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September 2014

Tony Scopelite

President’s Message

Midsummer, Mission, and Meaning
It’s Happy Workers Day for many today, a well-earned break…and then most of us will be back to our regular, “post-summer” lives.
WE on the board of ICF-SFBAC are making use of the sense of openness and renewed energy that the end of summer often brings. We’re particularly excited about channeling that energy into connecting with other chapters in the western region (from Mexico up to Canada) in a collaborative way. This has come up in a very organic way through a mutual desire to forge stronger alliances between us, and to share what each of us has to offer our members. We’re trying to figure out, for example, how we can share in the webinars put together by the LA-chapter, and we, in turn, would love to share the richness we receive from our monthly speakers that are broadcast via live-streaming. This would allow us all to deepen rather than broaden what we do already. For our SFBAC chapter, it would allow us to attract ever more exciting speakers as our “listenership” increases in the future.
Again, the power of combined voices in resonance is always greater than the sum of the parts separately, and together we can only reach higher. For our chapter, the more people we have tuning in to our meetings, book-clubs, live-streaming  broadcasts, plus other offerings on the horizon, the higher the caliber of inspiration and education we can offer YOU!
We always appreciate your comments and suggestions. Have a safe and fulfilling end of summer.

—Marijke Hallberg

Welcome New Members
We’re happy to announce the following new members:
South Bay  - Harry McKay Jr.
San Francisco - Samuel Schindler, Alida Al-Saadi
East Bay - Christopher Byrne

New members, be sure to create your profile at, and join our private FaceBook group at If you have questions about this, contact

September Monthly Gathering
Wednesday September 10th 2014  6:30-9:00 pm (6:30-7:15 networking)
FREE for members. Cost for guests is $20.

Attend in San Francisco at the Handlery Hotel, Click here.
Attend via a Regional Streaming Video Party*, Click here.
Attend via Video Livestreaming, Click here.

The Voice of the System: Relationship Systems Coaching
With Faith Fuller, Ph.D.
Learn basic and new tenets of Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC); a holistic coaching approach to working with teams and companies.  Fuller will explore Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI), the next evolution up from EQ and Social Intelligence.

Faith Fuller, PHd, CPCC, PCC, is co-owner and President of CRR Global, and is also our annual sponsor this year. She is a psychologist, trainer and coach, with over 15 years of experience in working with organizations, couples and communities. Her particular skill is empowering powerful, productive and joyous relationships in couples, partnerships and teams.

CCEU Credits: 1.5
Refund Policy: ICF SFBAC maintains high standards for its programs and speakers. Even so, we cannot guarantee that every program will resonate with every viewer. ICF SFBAC therefore maintains a "No Refunds" policy for viewer satisfaction with program content. Refunds will be considered for cancelled programs or technical failures at the point of origin (refunds are not available if the program is not viewable due to technical failure at the Purchaser's end).

*For RSVP questions contact:
North Bay: Elisabeth Von Halem:
East Bay: Kym Cadle:
Santa Cruz: Janette Valentino:
South Bay/Silicon Valley: Fabienne Slama:    

Hear Here: How To Get With Our Programs

We meet on the 2nd Wednesday evening of each month and offer several options for participating in or viewing our speakers, described below. For Options 1, 2, and 3 below, please pre-register by going to, and click on the Event Calendar to find your desired viewing option.

FREE Admission for SFBAC Members & Virtual Program Subscribers.  $20 for Non-Members.

SF Gathering … Attend our main San Francisco meeting in-person. Gather with fellow coaches in a lively, large-group setting. Create connections. Meet the speaker.
Regional Gathering … Attend a Regional Streaming Video Party (RSVP) at a designated Bay Area location near you. Enjoy the evening with coaches in your locale, and watch the live-streaming broadcast together in an intimate, small-group setting. 
Individual Viewing … Watch the live-streamed video broadcast on your own computer in your home or office, in real time. 
Video Recording … If you missed the event, watch the video recording afterwards. Go to, and click on Storefront..

How Non-Members Can Save Money

If you’re not a member of SFBAC, join our chapter to access our great speaker programs and lots of other benefits!  Go to, click on Join Online for more details.

If you’re a member of  a different ICF chapter but would like to attend SFBAC’s livestreaming broadcasts and access our Past Event Videos, purchase a Virtual Program Subscription to save on per-event fees. Go to, click on Virtual Program Subscription for more details.
** CCEUs are offered to attendees of our live events or livestreaming broadcasts who pre-register or sign in AND submit a Feedback & CCEU Request Form.  CCEUs are for Core Competencies or Resource Development, depending on program content.  (CCEUs for Resource Dev’t  are available for viewing a video recording after the event. If the viewer submits a Feedback & CCEU Request Form.)

Support Our Sponsors

We’re so grateful to have CRR Global Advanced Coach Training as an annual sponsor.

Click to learn more about our annual sponsor, CRR Global.

Thanks to Enneagram Coaching Programs for their support this summer.

Click to learn more about Enneagram Coaching Programs.

Enneagram Expertise 3

Thanks to our sponsor Enneagram Coaching Programs we’ve enjoyed three months of articles that delve deeper into the Enneagram. Here’s the final article from Ginger Lapid-Bogda, PhD.

Coaching with the Enneagram | faster, sustainable coaching
Coaching with the Enneagram helps coaching go faster because once clients have accurately identified their types, the Enneagram highlights the corresponding development needed. Even better, there are specific development activities tailored for each type that work efficiently and effectively for that particular client. With guidance from the coach, clients can use the following Enneagram chart to create their own development paths:
Type 1 | hardworking and disciplined; judging and inflexible
Development | becoming more accepting and serene
Type 2 | likeable and generous; overemphasize relationships and other-focused
Development | being truly free and demonstrating true humility
Type 3 | goal oriented and confident; overly competitive and impatient
Development | learning to be in flow and in being rather than doing
Type 4 | sensitive and introspective; intense and moody
Development | achieving emotional equilibrium and pure equilibrium
Type 5 | objective and systematic; overly independent and emotionally detached
Development | experiencing complete engagement in real time
Type 6 | insightful and loyal; wary and dislike ambiguity
Development | being trusting with more inner certainty and finding meaning
Type 7 | energetic with quick imaginations; unfocused and pain avoidant
Development | sustaining focus and being able to integrate pain to feel whole
Type 8 | strategic and protective; demanding and controlling
Development | being more receptive and more vulnerable
Type 9 | easygoing and harmonizing; diffuse their attention and avoid conflict
Development | achieving full presence and being able to take clear action

—Ginger Lapid-Bogda, PhD,

Book Club: Was and Will Be

Great! According to one attendee, who said, “"This group is a powerhouse of energy and of wise understanding regarding leadership.  Creating space to attend to and be curious about what has worked for others is one of the most effective ways to grow in our ever-evolving process to lead ourselves and become beacons leading others toward healthier, more life-affirming paths."

Hosted by Janet Fjeldstad in Marin, the group discussed Tribal Leaders: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization, by Dave Logan, John King, and Halee- Fischer-Wright.

Will Be
Meeting again October 26th!
Malika Malika is hosting High Tea at her house (SF- Marina District). Please email her at if you’d like to attend, and she will get back to you with details, including the book chosen.

Community Core Values

We’re starting a dialog about about our community's core values. You can find it in our Facebook group - join us there: The current word is “vision.” How does, how can, how should, SFBAC en-vision itself? What vision would best serve you? What vision would best serve coaching?

If we get a robust dialog going, and a list of words, perhaps it can turn into a position paper or even an e-book about our members’ wisdom. So join the dialog, and please suggest other words for discussion by posting or email

Outbound Opportunities

Free Samovar Coaching Series
Join fellow Bay Area coaches for special peer coaching nights at Samovar Tea Lounge.  This evening series, hosted by Jim Donovan of PathBlaze, and Jesse Jacobs, owner of Samovar, will take place on LATE BREAKING NOTE (9/9): The dates September 10th, 17th, and 24th have been postponed... . Click here for more information.  We look forward to sharing these evenings of practice and community-building, food, and fine tea with you!

The Greater Good Launches Online Class, Science of Happiness.

Join the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley for an online course that will help you discover the research-tested keys to happiness-- and how to apply them to your personal and professional life.

Taught by GGSC founder & UC Berkeley Psychology Professor Dacher Keltner, and GGSC Science Director Emiliana Simon-Thomas, the course  zeroes in on a fundamental finding fhat happiness is inextricably linked to strong social ties and contributing to something bigger than yourself—the greater good. Students will learn about the cross-disciplinary research supporting this view, spanning the fields of psychology, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, and beyond.

Two ways to attend: (1) It's free to the public (2) For a certificate applicable to ICF Resource Development - 10% off registration fees for SFBAC members.

Free Coaching Supervision Session
Sam Magill, Sr.,MCC is Co-Director of Coaching Supervision Academy – USA and Past President of ICF-Washington State. He is looking for 10-15 experienced coaches to attend an informal evening conversation about the benefits of coaching supervision -- sometime in mid-October. There will be no charge.

One of Sam's coachees said, “Coaching Supervision nurtures the coach from the inside out by creating an intentional space to explore deeply how I am showing up as a coach."

To sign up early and help nail down a good day in October, please contact Sam ASAP at

Submissions For Future Newsletters

We hope you found this issue of Checking In fun and helpful. Our goal is to provide you information useful to you as a coach, and to help members and friends share their announcements with this community. Please submit announcements to Submissions are due by the 25th of each month.

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