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June 2015

Tony Scopelite


Inbox Inspiration 

“It takes anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 repetitions to establish an alternative response under pressure. The odds are that without giving the body an alternative pattern to the impact of stress, our bodies will revert to the response that has been (as George Leonard says) “mediated by countless feedback loops.” Understanding that we need to relax and stay interested when we are criticized is very different than being able to do it at the moment of criticism. We need to constantly be practicing being who it is we most want to be. This is especially important when there’s a low level of stress or criticism.”

(From an interview with our next speaker, Wendy Palmer. To read the whole article, click here.

President’s Message
Marijke favorite


As I sit down to write my last “President’s Address” for ICF-SFBAC, I can hardly believe a year has gone by already since I was asked to step into this position last June… before I was ready to do so!

Having spent most of my career working in hospitals, I didn’t even know what “collateral” meant in January 2014… And I was just starting to work on overcoming my lifelong case of stage fright which had to happen rather quicker than planned.


It’s been an honor, and a heck of a ride…

What has been the most amazing experience is how others on the SFBAC-Board jumped in to rally and offer help. In building a more collaborative, robust board, we’ve tried to expand each position to allow for more co-leading and less stress. It really DOES take a village, especially in volunteer-based work, and is always heartwarming in the best way when creative people come together in community towards a meaningful outcome.



What has been a little less heartening is just how little progress I/we were able to make in terms of bringing our coaching community together in a more interactive way. My sense is that we all live such busy, speedy lives steeped in sensory overload in this tech megahub, we have little room for a slow cup of tea and chit-chat? Those of us who did participate in the events we offered through the year (such as the Book Club in various parts of the Bay Area etc.) got promising glimpses of just how powerful this can be – We got to know each other much more deeply, and appreciate each others personal and professional lives to where I could visualize a membership of coaches who readily cross-refer to each other. JUST IMAGINE HOW POWERFUL A COMMUNITY OF COACHES THAT COULD BE! 


In July we will be moving our meetings to the vibrant space of the San Francisco Impact Hub in the landmark Chronicle Building. Our hope is to have more flexibility in what we offer E.g. Networking events and member-driven workshops besides our monthly speaker meetings.  We’re also excited about dwelling among developing entrepreneurs at the Hub where the broader community can be introduced to the huge benefits of coaching. YOU, as members, can become an integral part of what we develop in this new space, so we extent open hands of invitation to all who are interested. It is our belief that EVERYONE could and should have a coach to help them navigate this increasingly fast and complex world, just as you have your doctor or dentist, so let’s get inspired to make that happen! We coaches are in the prime position to help!



As past-president and Programs Director, I will continue over the next year to foster this inspiration by inviting relevant speakers in cutting edge thought-work and practice of coaching to foster the future paradigms of leadership, spiritual growth, and collaborative team experiences.


It’s been a pleasure to serve this community family of coaches as president. I feel proud and happy to hand over the reigns to our superbly qualified VP, Ricci Victorio. She and I will serve you well in our new positions, and I commit to helping her in every way. We will be putting out feelers for a new VP soon, so let us know your interest.


May coaching be and provide the premier step towards our human evolution… as it is poised to be… through mindfulness, conscious intention, and powerful communication.

—Marijke Hallberg

Presence of the President 

Deep thanks to Marijke Hallberg for her leadership during this last year, and for continuing on as Program Director… and joyful welcome to Ricci Victorio as she leads us forward. You can learn more about Ricci by clicking here.

Welcome New Members
We’re happy to announce the following new and returning members:
East Bay - Trish Mulholland, Kasia Wojcik
South Bay - Cathy Chen-Rennie, Debbie Sera
North Bay - Laura Gooler
San Francisco - Ahalya Kumaran, Margaret Stevenson, Anjennette Wong

New members, be sure to create your profile at, and join our private FaceBook group at If you have questions about this, contact

How We Meet Monthly:


In Person

At the Handlery Hotel, 351 Geary Street, San Francisco


LiveStream our monthly meetings taking place in San Francisco - all you have to do is register on our website and you’ll receive instructions on how to view from your computer.

Local Gatherings

Created by the community at large, these events are all over the place, literally and figuratively! By way of example, South Bay is experimenting with gathering on Saturday morning after the meeting for breakfast to discuss our livestream experience and come up with a plan for growing our local gathering.

If you’re interested in championing a local gathering, contact Gail Whipple ( for tips. In the meantime, as of press time, here are current local champions you can contact for more info:

June Monthly Gathering
  • Wednesday June 10th 2015 6:30-9:00pm (6:30-7:00 networking)

  • FREE for members. Cost for guests is $20.

  • To register for attending in San Francisco, at a local gathering, or individual live stream session, Click here.

Discover Greater Presence, Resilience, and Inspiration with Leadership Embodiment - with Wendy Palmer 



Research shows that at least 70% of all communication is nonverbal. Learning to unify the body's message with what is being said enhances our capacity for effective leadership and more fulfilling coaching relationships.  Presence is the nonverbal message, ‘We are all in this together.

Resilience is the ability to reorient our relationship to fear and discomfort, to use stress as an opportunity and to harness the energy to accomplish a task.  LE centering practice teaches you to keep the energy without getting caught in negative cognitive and emotional biases.

Inspiration is the experience of being connected to something bigger than our individual selves. Opening to Inspiration allows wisdom, compassion and power to come through us.

Discover how LE tools and practices can increase your capacity for presence, resilience and inspiration while allowing you to live more fully in your potential.

CCEU Credits: 1.5

Refund Policy:
 ICF SFBAC maintains high standards for its programs and speakers. Even so, we cannot guarantee that every program will resonate with every viewer. ICF SFBAC therefore maintains a "No Refunds" policy for viewer satisfaction with program content. Refunds will be considered for cancelled programs or technical failures at the point of origin (refunds are not available if the program is not viewable due to technical failure at the Purchaser's end).

Upcoming Speakers 

Our program committee is still filling in the year, but here’s our list so far, for your advance planning pleasure. Please remember this all is subject to change, as is everything in life, actually. 

  • July 8, 2015: Alain Gauthier, Evolutionary Coaching
  • November 11, 2015: George Kao, In the Age of Service
  • December 9, 2015: Ann Betz, The Neurobiology of Intuition

Important Changes in Membership

In early 2015, our parent organization, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) made changes to membership policies which in turn can affect SFBAC members. Last month we shared the detailed web page we’ve prepared to explain the change and our response to it. You can find it by clicking here.

Support Our Sponsors 
Bam! Our Flagship Training in Portland, Oregon
Positive Acorn is thrilled to announce our flagship program—Applied Positive Psychology to be held this July 8-10 in Portland, Oregon (USA).

As we have done in years past we limit the number of participants and host a skills-based workshop in Portland’s unique Pearl District for 3 full days of learning and fun.This program will be personally led by Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener and can be used for ICF continuing education credits or for basic coach training credits.

20 ICF CEU’s

For more information, click here.

International Coaching Week Report

SF Bay Area got coached!  Thanks to Tina Ambrosini and her cadre of coach volunteers, SFBAC represented the coaching profession in several events the week of May 18th.  Here's a picture of Event Planner Tina Amborsini and our new president Ricci Victorio at Career Development Day.


Submissions for Future Newsletters

We hope you found this issue of Checking In fun and helpful. Our goal is to provide you information useful to you as a coach, and to help members and friends share their announcements with this community. Please submit announcements to Submissions are due by the 25th of each month.

Gail Whipple

Communications Director

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