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July 2015

Tony Scopelite


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Inbox Inspiration Too

President’s Message

Welcome New Members

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How We Meet Monthly

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   Local Gatherings

July Monthly Gathering

   Evolutionary Co-Leadership with Alain Gauthier

How We Meet Monthly… Is Changing

What Moves You?

ICF/SFBAC Meet, Greet, and Eat Report

Coaching Opportunity

NorCal Consortium Event: Stand Up, Speak Out And Cash In!

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Inbox Inspiration 

The verb “lead” comes from the Indo-European root “leith”, which means to go forth, to cross a threshold, or even to die. What threshold needs to be crossed so that something new can emerge? What do leaders need to let go of, to die to, in order to cross that threshold? What if exercising leadership meant:

  • Facing the unknown with openness and trust?

  • Sensing what is emerging by being present to what is?

  • Participating creatively in a wider field of knowing and doing, and giving a voice to an evolutionary impulse?

  • Inviting self and others to new places – never seen/experienced before?

  • Liberating the leadership capacity in everyone involved?

(From an article by our next speaker, Alain Gauthier. To read the whole article, click here)

Inbox Inspiration Too
Greater Good Science Center just launched Greater Good in Action, a new website chock full of actionable, easy exercises to boost compassion, gratitude, awe, resilience...and happiness.

President’s Message

I am honored by the Board’s unanimous vote for me to step into the role as President for the ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches! Marijke Hallberg-Patiris has left a fairly significant footprint for me to fill and I look forward to our continued collaboration in leading our chapter through the coming year.


We have an extremely talented Board and I intend to do my utmost to stay out of their way and let them do what they know how to do best: producing outstanding programs, creating coaching and community events for members to have opportunities to meet potential new clients, keeping our website and newsletter not only current, but providing relevant information about the activities of ICF Global and keeping us in sync, on track and on schedule!


During our June chapter meeting, I shared the mission objectives for our chapter, and would like to restate them as a reminder that these are the areas we are seeking your creativity and participation to fulfill:

SFBAC is an ICF charter chapter of coaches that:

  • Creates a supportive, fun, and personally fulfilling environment to network, connect with like-minded people, engage in transformational conversations, and share experiences about coaching.

  • Offers relevant, valuable and leading edge programs to both novice and experienced coaches for skill building, ongoing professional growth and mastery, and business development.

  • Fosters the growth of a committed and connected community of professional coaches in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Increases public awareness of the benefits of partnering with a professional coach and refers prospective clients to our members.

  • Is the visible, leading advocate and representative for the coaching profession, committed to advancing the art, science, and practice of professional coaching and being a model for ICF chapters worldwide.

We have many noteworthy changes coming up to support this mission! First, In August we will move our chapter meetings to Impact Hub San Francisco on 5th and Mission. This energetic space is filled with creative innovators who are hungry for coaching! To celebrate, our August meeting will be just that – an open house celebration with fun activities and time to get to know each other. Second, ICF’s rollout of the new requirements for the PCC credential is sure to elevate the coaching profession. We will be certain to keep everyone up to date.


I look forward to this adventure we are on together and invite you to reach out, share your ideas and help us create a “robust” coaching community that provides support to each other as well as to our community!

—Ricci Victorio

Welcome New Members
We’re happy to announce the following new and returning members:
East Bay - Antoine Amiri, Max Brandreth, Leigh Doherty, Laura Malone, Nicole Silverman
South Bay - Harry Boadwee, Jason Jurado
North Bay - Andrea Flynn, Nancy Karidis Koepke, Lynn Killips
San Francisco - Dana Cole

New members, be sure to create your profile at, and join our private FaceBook group at If you have questions about this, contact

SFBAC Social Media 


We’ve been short a Social Media coordinator for a while, but we do have a presence where we’d like your presence! If you can add to the sociability of any of these sites, please do! Any comments, questions, or concerns, contact Gail Whipple or Elisabeth von Halem.

SFBAC Closed Facebook Group - Members / Affiliates Only

  • Only SFBAC Members and Affiliates see posts.

  • Anyone can find the group and request to join.

ICF/San Francisco Bay Area Coaches Facebook Page - Public Face

For promotion of:

  • Live-stream/video-on-demand presentations

  • Member and partner opportunities and events

San Francisco Bay Area Coaches LinkedIn Group

Currently 74 members and one active discussion: How can this group help me or the world?

SFBACoaches Twitter


How We Meet Monthly:
In Person

In July:  the Handlery Hotel, 351 Geary Street, San Francisco

PLEASE NOTE:In August we move to Impact Hub San Francisco at 925 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103



Live stream our monthly San Francisco meetings - simply register on our website to receive instructions on viewing from your computer.


Local Gatherings 

Great idea, great history, not happening! It’s time to mine the membership for ideas: Please participate in this Facebook poll. Or contact the following people to dialog:

South Bay: David Laidlaw,  Gail Whipple (

North Bay: Elisabeth Von Halem

July Monthly Gathering
  • Wednesday, July 8th 6:30 - 9:00 pm (6:30 - 7:00 networking)
  • FREE for members.  Cost for guests is $20.  Cost for students is $10.
  • To register for attending in San Francisco or individual Livestream session click here.
  • Evolutionary Co-Leadership with Alain Gauthier  


Evolutionary Co-leadership is practiced among leaders who regard each other and behave as co-creative and co-responsible partners in service of the common good. They assume flexible, rotating, or joint leadership – according to what is perceived and required. They feel no personal need to stand out or to impose their views. Instead, they cultivate the ability to know or sense what needs to be said or done by contributing their unique gifts and tapping into collective wisdom.


Alain Gauthier is an international consultant, facilitator, coach, educator-researcher, and author who focuses his work on developing co-leadership and partnering capabilities in and across the private, public, and civil society sectors. He is passionate about integrating the inner and outer dimensions of change and leadership, both at the individual and collective levels, in the service of a new evolutionary paradigm.

CCEU Credits: 1.5

Refund Policy:
 ICF SFBAC maintains high standards for its programs and speakers. Even so, we cannot guarantee that every program will resonate with every viewer. ICF SFBAC therefore maintains a "No Refunds" policy for viewer satisfaction with program content. Refunds will be considered for cancelled programs or technical failures at the point of origin (refunds are not available if the program is not viewable due to technical failure at the Purchaser's end).

How We Meet Monthly… Is Changing


From August on, we’re moving our monthly meetings to the Impact Hub San Francisco:

What Moves You?


Tell us August 12th at Coaching + Impact: An Open Space Conference and Open House

Monthly Chapter Meeting in Our New Location: Impact Hub San Francisco

This Open House celebration event is free  to all Members, Affiliates and anyone interested in learning more about SFBAC:

  • Share your wisdom

  • Hear wisdom from others

  • Be inspired

  • Engage in meaningful conversations big and small

  • Eat free food

  • Win presence presents

*Open Space Conference, also called an Unconference, definition from

In the most common form of Open Space meeting, every issue of any importance, to any person willing to take some responsibility for it, gets posted on the community bulletin board, sometimes called the marketplace wall. As work on those issues progresses, notes and other products get posted as well. This page is a bit like that. Simple enough on the surface, and depth that just keeps going…

Save the date! More details in next newsletter, or email Elisabeth von Halem.

ICF/SFBAC Meet, Greet and Eat Report


On June 24th a few dozen SFBAC members had dinner with the ICF board and staff, who were in town for one of their twice-annual trips to meet their members. The Q&A conversation centered around changes to the PCC credential and highlights of The ICF strategic plan, adopted in March 2015, including:

  • The trend toward licensure of coaches

  • The vision of “coaching mindset” present in every corner of the globe by 2050

We left the meeting feeling grateful to be part of an emerging organization that is addressing global needs of clients and coaches. FMI, contact attendees and SFBAC Board Members Ricci Victorio, Marijke Hallberg, or Donna Davis.  


Stand Up And Be Counted - ICF Survey
The 2015 ICF Global Coaching Survey will collect information and insights from coaches worldwide, providing and up-to-date picture of the coaching industry today.

At the meet and greet, we learned that the ICF is particularly interested in the voices of all professional coaches, not just ICF-accredited coaches. Visit and sign up to be notified by PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP when the survey opens this July.

Coaching Opportunity


From time to time board members get information about coaching opportunities. We’re pleased to share this request for coaches with you:


Sandia National Laboratories has posted an opportunity  for Coaching and Organizational Development/Organizational Effectiveness services.

  1. Go to this website link at
  2. Select ID# 574497 and review the minimum mandatory requirements for either or both categories of service.
  3. If you or your company meet the minimum mandatory requirements for either or both of the categories of service request the RFQ on the Opportunity Detail Page.

If you intend to submit a proposal for this contract:

  1. Make sure that your company is registered in for the following NAICS Code: 54612 "Human Resources Consulting Services" as this for doing business with Sandia.
  2. Register in Sandia’s iSupplier portal to receive the RFQ.  See the “Become a Supplier” on Sandia’s website under “Working with Sandia.”

Please note this is a Small Business Set Aside.


July 11, our NorCal Consortium partner National Speakers Academy/NC presents:


Stand Up, Speak Out And Cash In!

Featuring Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, Speaker Hall of Fame

Learn how to craft compelling presentations that increase your persuasiveness, assure your credibility, and make you stand out from your competitors. Whether you’re an experienced speaker or new to the platform, you’ll learn powerful techniques to engage your audiences and advance your ideas. Invite a friend and receive special pricing!


Saturday, July 11, 2015

9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

South San Francisco Conference Center

Special pricing for Consortium partners: Two for the price of one

NSA/NC invites you to invite a friend to this event.

About ICF/SFBAC and NSA/NC: We’re partnered through the NorCal Consortium. Other partners include SBODN, BAHREC, and the Bay Area chapter of ATD.

Submissions for Future Newsletters


We hope you found this issue of Checking In fun and helpful. Our goal is to provide you information useful to you as a coach, and to help members and friends share their announcements with this community. Please submit announcements to Submissions are due by the 25th of each month.

Gail Whipple

Communications Director

ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches


ICF - San Francisco Bay Area Coaches
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