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August 2015

Tony Scopelite
“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.” — Les Brown

President’s Message
Coaching in the Fast Lane: Creating Connection One Rider at a Time
I commute in to San Francisco several days a week on I-80 and have found that a great way to get through the grueling drive is by picking up a casual carpool rider – not only for access to the diamond lane, but also for the companionship. If you drive a 4-seater, you will pick up 2-3 individuals, who all sit quietly, reading, listening to music or snoring, while you chauffeur them into the city. I drive a 2-seat coupe, which provides for an intimate experience. There is no escape, and no avoiding conversation. My riders call me, “The Coach.”
When a total stranger gets into my car for an hour, having a coach’s curiosity actually jump-starts the conversation to create an instant and powerful connection. Appellate judges, HR directors, students, Muni drivers and construction workers have hitched a ride with me. For example, today a young woman hopped into my car for the first time. We made small talk about how cute my car was just long enough to enter the freeway. I never try to talk about anything other than weather, traffic or my car until we are “locked and loaded” into the commute lane. Once comfortably in sync with our fellow commuters, I noticed that she had an interesting accent; one I couldn’t place. My curiosity stepped in.
“Where are you from?” I asked.
She smiled and said, “Iran.”
“Really? What brought you here?”
“ My husband and I came here on a research grant for the prevention of AIDS.”
“Wow – that’s quite a mission! How long have you been in America?”
“Two years. We didn’t intend to stay, but I had a baby, and they renewed my grant. And so we stayed.”
My coaches’ curiosity wanted to know more so I dove right in, “What is your experience as an Iranian living in America?” This question led to an even more engaging interaction, bringing up coaching questions inquiring about the impact this was having upon her life.
Our conversation was easy, intimate and fluid, like we were old friends. We hardly noticed that we had been in traffic for a solid hour. All of a sudden we were crossing the bridge and I was asking where I could drop her off to make it easier to catch her bus to UC. 

The intention to be curious about the person who is presently showing up is so incredibly powerful. As I dropped her off at the corner of 5th and Market, we exchanged names, looked directly into each other’s eyes for the first time, and marked a connection we will likely never forget.

 —Ricci Victorio

Welcome New Members
We’re happy to announce the following new members:
San Francisco - Brent Buck
East Bay - Julie Kramer
Out of Area - Alice Kshyk

New members, be sure to create your profile at, and request to join our private Facebook group.
If you have questions about this, contact

August Monthly Gathering
WHEN: Wednesday August 12th 6:30-9:00pm (6:30-7:00 networking)
WHERE: Impact Hub SF: 925 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 9410 
FREE:  For all :-) — bring guests
To register for attending in San Francisco click here.

Our August Program:
Coaching + Impact: An Open Space Conference and Open House
Monthly Chapter Meeting in Our New Location: Impact Hub San Francisco
This Open House celebration event is free to all Members, Affiliates and anyone interested in learning more about SFBAC:

Share your wisdom
Hear wisdom from others
Be inspired
Engage in meaningful conversations big and small
Eat free food
Win presence presents

* More About our Open Space Conference: We've identified 8 engaging topics where we need your expertise, all around coaching and impact. Our take on an Open Conference will facilitate discussion and action on these topics, in order to help our members, collectively and individually. Plus some fun extras - you just have to come and see.
Register Online Today! Space is limited.

SFBAC Social Media
We’ve been short a Social Media coordinator for a while, but we do have a presence where we’d like your presence! If you can add to the sociability of any of these sites, please do! Any comments, questions, or concerns, contact Gail Whipple or Elisabeth von Halem.

SFBAC Closed Facebook Group - Members / Affiliates Only
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Anyone can find the group and request to join.

ICF/San Francisco Bay Area Coaches Facebook Page - Public Face
For promotion of:
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San Francisco Bay Area Coaches Linkedin Group
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@ Greater Good October 2: Mindfulness, Connection, Compassion
On October 2, 2015 Greater Good presents: Mindfulness, Connection and Compassion - a special 1 day long event co-taught by Shauna Shapiro and Dan Siegel, two renowned experts on the science and practice of mindfulness. Together they will explore how mindfulness not only helps hone skills of attention but also cultivates compassion, kindness, and connections with others.

SFBAC members get 10% off by using the code PERICF upon registration. 
Attending the conference offers 6 hours Resource Development for ICF coaches. 
Seminar is already filling up, so register soon!

Speak Up With Style!

The National Speakers Association/Northern California is now accepting applications for the 2015-16 class of NSA/NC Speakers Academy.  If you're seeking a bigger platform to share your brilliance and draw clients, this nine-month program helps you build your practice by learning the business of speaking. For more information: or contact

*ICF/SBAC and NSA/NC are partnered through the NorCal Consortium. Other partners include SBODN, BAHREC, ATD-Golden Gate, and ATD-SF East Bay.

ICF Updates Ethics, Vision, Mission

ICF just completed one of it’s planned, periodic updates of the organization’s Code of Ethics, Vision and Mission. “The revisions to the Code of Ethics reflect a shift away from the view of coaching ethics as right or wrong and toward an understanding of ethics as the concepts and principles directing coaches' behavior. With this evolution in the foreground, the ICF Code Review Team recommended a set of revisions intended to transform the Code of Ethics from a document prescribing what not to do to a document highlighting how to be as an ICF Member and/or Credential-holder.”

Submissions For Future Newsletters
We hope you found this issue of Checking In fun and helpful. Our goal is to provide you information useful to you as a coach, and help members and friends share their announcements with this community. Please submit announcements to by the 25th of each month.

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Communications Director
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