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September 2015

Tony Scopelite

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President’s Message

Welcome New Members

September Monthly Gathering

     Savvy Strategic Alliances:7 Steps to Creating Fun & Profitable Partnerships with Other Professional

How We Meet Monthly

@ Greater Good October 2: Mindfulness, Connection, Compassion

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     The Leadership Circle offers Profile Certification

Coach @ SF SCORE

Members Making It Happen

     Coaches To Clients

Living The Coaching Life: Meet Brett Penfil

Speak Up: Join the National Speakers Association

@ Greater Good October 2: Mindfulness, Connection, Compassion

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Inbox Inspiration

Every courageous act I've taken required me to focus on my desire and use the fear as fuel. It's not a comfortable act but it can become familiar with practice. The expansion in one's life from stepping outside one's comfort zone, can be immense. What do you do to inspire and muster courage within yourself? - Tara Butler Foch

President’s Message

Speaking Of Impact…

Here’s a link to video highlights from our President Ricci Victorio, speaking at our August Coaching + Impact Open House event about you, SFBAC, and how we all want to resonate in the world. If you missed this amazing event at Impact Hub SF (our new monthly meeting location) watch this video so you can experience the excitement and momentum surrounding SFBAC as we partner with the Hub and move into a new era!

Welcome New Members

We’re happy to announce the following new members:

North Bay:  Kimberley Elliott

East Bay:  Sylvia Key, Michele Kwok, Curt Mandell
South Bay:  Kate Oppenheimer
Out of Area:  Michael Kressner

New members, be sure to create your profile at, and request to join our private Facebook group.

If you have questions about this, contact

September Monthly Gathering

  • WHEN: Wednesday September 9 6:30-9:00pm (6:30-7:00 networking)

  • WHERE: Impact Hub SF: 925 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 9410

  • To register for attending in San Francisco click here.

Our September Program:

Savvy Strategic Alliances: 7 Steps to Creating Fun & Profitable Partnerships with Other Professionals


Learn the secrets to using Savvy Strategic Alliances with other professionals and watch your list and profits grow.  In this presentation you will learn:

  • How Strategic Alliances can uplevel your business overnight

  • The 6 Keys you must have with a potential partner to create a thriving partnership

  • The biggest challenges in creating strategic alliances (and how to avoid them so you quit wasting time and energy and start seeing results sooner)

  • Tried and true, proven best practices for creating sustainable strategic alliances

Tara Butler Floch is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) who believes it is never too late to be what you might have been!  She has helped emerging entrepreneurs take the courageous leap into business ownership since 2000, when she started her coaching and training company, after being a Sales & Marketing Executive of 3 global companies and managing teams of up to 80 people. Tara has always been passionate about helping others fully step into their potential, passion and gifts. She has used her deep knowledge of business development, marketing and branding to help hundreds of clients launch from the corporate world into entrepreneurialism, transform and grow existing businesses, and create meaningful and passionate six and seven figure businesses doing what they love.  She is the creator of The Entrepreneurial Leap-Start Program and The Entrepreneurial Edge Coaching Program.



CCEU Credits - 1.5

Refund Policy: ICF SFBAC maintains high standards for its programs and speakers. Even so, we cannot guarantee that every program will resonate with every viewer. ICF SFBAC therefore maintains a "No Refunds" policy for viewer satisfaction with program content. Refunds will be considered for cancelled programs or technical failures at the point of origin (refunds are not available if the program is not viewable due to technical failure at the Purchaser's end).


How We Meet Monthly

In Person

Impact Hub San Francisco: 925 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103

Live Streaming

Live stream our monthly San Francisco meetings - simply register on our website to receive instructions on viewing from your computer.

@ Greater Good October 2: Mindfulness, Connection, Compassion

On October 2, 2015 Greater Good presents: Mindfulness, Connection and Compassion - a special 1 day long event co-taught by Shauna Shapiro and Dan Siegel, two renowned experts on the science and practice of mindfulness. Together they will explore how mindfulness not only helps hone skills of attention but also cultivates compassion, kindness, and connections with others.

  • SFBAC members get 10% off by using the code PERICF upon registration.

  • Attending the conference offers 6 hours Resource Development for ICF coaches.

  • Seminar is already filling up, so register soon!

Support Our Sponsors

Check out these special offers and information for this month’s sponsor: The Leadership Circle, The Institute for Generative Leadership

The Leadership Circle offers Profile Certification


Leadership Circle Profile Certification: San Francisco Nov. 18-20, 2015

Grow your practice - take coaching deeper. Master three breakthrough assessments that will add velocity to your client's leadership effectiveness: Leadership Circle Profile 360 ™ (LCP), Manager Edition™ 360, and  Leadership Culture Survey™ for teams and entire organizations.    

Only LCP measures leadership competencies (what's going on) and reactive

behaviors (why it's happening). That's why leading organizations, consultants/coaches, and top universities consider our assessments their "strategic advantage".

Take a Free Test Drive Demo - Register for Certification


The Leadership Circle Profile is:

  • More Revealing–It 's the only 360 linking leadership competencies to core beliefs governing behavior.

  • More Advanced–Instantly reveals key opportunities for your executive’s development. No reams of documentation. Enables coaching to start at a breakthrough rather than require months trying to reach one.

  • More Than Just an Assessment–Rich theoretical underpinnings of LCP provide pathways to transformation. No other tool offers this.

  • More Efficient–It's easy to use. Allows a coach to meet leaders “where they are” without spending valuable coaching time finding out where that is.

"After nearly 1000 coaching sessions with many instruments, LCP has led to the best 1-on-1 coaching sessions I have EVER experienced! It goes beyond feedback on behaviors and competencies (which it includes) to the source: core beliefs and assumptions out of which those behaviors live." David Womeldorff, author, coach, Former Consulting Director of Bank One Corporation’s Learning and Leadership Development.

Coach @ SF SCORE

Eight coaches are needed for pro bono coaching at the SF Score Office in San Francisco on October 16th. Entrepreneurs and people reentering the workforce come to SCORE for mentoring, then spend 30 minutes getting coaching around their mentor session discovery. We do this a few times a year and those of us who have coached in the past have found it very rewarding.

To participate, please indicate your interest to Tina Ambrosini, Events Director ( and know that she will be away on vacation until September 14, so you will not hear back immediately. Slots fill up fast -- but we will keep names on file for future sessions as well.

ICF Coaching & SCORE Mentoring

Friday, October 16, 2015

SF SCORE Office: 455 Market Street, 6th Floor

Members Making It Happen

Leigh Doherty…  has joined the Communications Committee.

Trish Mulholland…  has joined the Communications Committee.

Antoine Amiri… has a great idea he wants to develop with other members - see the following article, Coaches To Clients

Coaches To Clients:

Developing An App or Interface For SFBAC Members That’s More Tech-Worthy Than Our Current Database

Antoine Amiri wants to start something big - how very Silicon Valley!

The pain point

About a year ago, I completed my ICF online profile. After a few weeks, I received a coaching request email notification. That inquiry led to my best client to date, and thank my lucky stars, is generating additional work in the organization that hired me.

In the year since I’ve replied to all inquiries that came my way, and they all went with not so much as a reply from the would-be client. I never learned what happened, and felt that the interface left a lot to imagination.

So I got to thinking...What kind of value would our local chapter, in the heart of Silicon Valley, could provide for those of us coaches that live and work here, that the global organization may be unable to provide repeatedly?

I imagine that it's not just me. That the individuals and organizations that are looking to hire a coach, would also like a streamlined experience: They would like to be offered programs, services and providers to choose from, when they contact the ICF local chapter, or to receive periodic and up-to-date information on various services and accredited providers. I am confident that with the level of expertise and the depth of heart I experienced at the last ICF monthly gathering at the new location, that the missing link is not availability of competent coaches, and we all know that demand for coaching services is historically at a high. You may have already guessed what I am driving at: A database of profiles is insufficient. Let's create this missing link and turn this into a win/win !

The solution

I would like to invite members of our community to help me figure out what we can do to facilitate an effective interface, fill this one stop shopping cart, and serve the local communities and organizations who are looking for a high standard of service. I already have some ideas, but would love to start this dialogue, and connect with some of you with your own ideas and know-how around this marketing effort. So step forward and engage!

My idea centers around creating lists/pools of members that opt in by paying an extra annual fee. The lists will be maintained by our local chapter, so when a would-be client in the greater Bay Area makes an inquiry with specific parameters, they can be sent this targeted list. Additionally, targeted communities and organizations can be approached with a list of programs and service providers that have opted in. The organizations can use the lists to find a suitable fit for their executive coaching, leadership and organization development, training, consulting and similar needs. The fees that are collected can be used to create the budget for this additional effort. I also envision a structure, where members make additional contributions to the ICF chapter when a coach lands an engagement, and can further support this marketing effort.

The Action Step

Contact me at Please reach out. Let's find our lucky stars together!!

Living The Coaching Life

Living The Coaching Life is a new, occasional series we’re testing - where we learn more about someone randomly pulled from our email list.

Those profiled will be asked to create some sort of one-time connection event (as you’ll see at the end of this profile) to help SFBAC meet its goal of creating a robust network of coaches. To participate you can wait for us to pick a name off our mailing list or submit your answers to our survey which we’ll also pull from randomly.

Correction regarding the following profile of Brett Penfil: The email lead to this article referred to Brett as an ACC and as beginning a new private practice. Brett is applying for PCC and has a long-standing private practice which she is expanding to full-time.

Meet Brett Penfil

Brett Penfil memberBrett Penfil is a new SFBAC member who clearly loves learning and growing. She holds a Master in Public Health from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). She completed her coaching training at New Ventures West. Brett is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) and her Professional Certified Coach (PCC) application is in progress with the International Coach Federation (ICF).


After more than 10 years working at the Center for the Health Professions at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF)—the last five as Director of Coaching—Brett is expanding her private practice to full-time beginning September 2015.


SFBAC: Tell us about your work

Brett: My work has always been guided by a desire for authenticity, connection, and freedom. In college I studied both psychology and business. As a result, my natural interest in human development expanded to include a passion for the role work can play in our development as human beings.


After 25 years in the workforce I have landed in my “sweet spot,” integrating my knowledge and experience as a psychotherapist, coach, and organizational consultant to work with:

  • Individuals: psychoanalytic psychotherapy to address issues such as relationship problems, depression, and anxiety

  • Leaders: guiding emerging to senior leaders to improve leadership abilities

  • Business partners: working with partners, including family businesses, to address relationship issues that impact the business

  • Organizations: consulting with leaders to design and facilitate meetings, team development, and change   

SFBAC: Since you studied as a therapist, how did you get into coaching?

Brett:  After working in the field of health education during my twenties, I returned to my dual interests in organizational consulting and psychology. I started working as an internal organizational consultant at Blue Shield of California and began my counseling psychology studies at CIIS. At Blue Shield I provided change management and team development consultation, which inherently included coaching leaders.


Partway through my graduate work at CIIS, I changed jobs and began working at UCSF. After a few years supporting and teaching for their leadership development programs, UCSF asked me to coach their program participants. Despite my experience as a consultant and my nearly completed licensure as an MFT, I believed formal training as a coach was important. UCSF paid for my training at New Ventures West. Thus, my licensure as an MFT and certification as a coach culminated around the same time.  


SFBAC: How do you manage the distinction between coaching and therapy?

Brett:  As you can imagine, I am asked this question quite often. First let me say that I know through experience that both coaching and therapy can offer meaningful help (and can be quite powerful together). A dichotomous comparison, in my opinion, is not only difficult (because there are many therapeutic orientations and coaching approaches, some of which overlap), but also often inaccurate (e.g., coaching is not only about the future and therapy is not only about the past).


Rather than aim to distinguish coaching from therapy, I encourage coaches and therapists to understand what the other field offers and leverage that expertise in service of our clients.


One major area that many psychotherapeutic orientations address that coaches are not trained to address is trauma (developmental, acute, or chronic, from childhood or adulthood). Coaching or therapy can help many people who do not have unresolved trauma. Clients with unresolved trauma often require a different level of help than the average coach is fully trained and equipped to diagnose and provide.


SFBAC: What would you like to know from, or tell to, our membership or the universe?

Brett:  Now that I will have one job rather than two, I look forward to having more time to connect with both my psychotherapy and coaching communities. I hope to meet you soon!


Also, if you’re a coach working with a client who you think may need an additional level of help or you're not sure, I'd be happy to consult with you.


Connect With Brett



Brett is interested in holding an informal discussion session with a handful of other SFBAC members to talk about ways in which coaching and therapy can better leverage each other. Contact her if you’re interested in joining the discussion.

Speak Up: Join the National Speakers Association

The National Speakers Association/Northern California is now accepting applications for the 2015-16 class of NSA/NC Speakers Academy. If you're seeking a bigger platform to share your brilliance and draw clients, this nine-month program helps you build your practice by learning the business of speaking. For more information: or contact


*ICF/SBAC and NSA/NC are partnered through the NorCal Consortium. Other partners include SBODN, BAHREC, ATD-Golden Gate, and ATD-SF East Bay.

@ Greater Good October 2: Mindfulness, Connection, Compassion

On October 2, 2015 Greater Good presents: Mindfulness, Connection and Compassion - a special 1 day long event co-taught by Shauna Shapiro and Dan Siegel, two renowned experts on the science and practice of mindfulness. Together they will explore how mindfulness not only helps hone skills of attention but also cultivates compassion, kindness, and connections with others.

  • SFBAC members get 10% off by using the code PERICF upon registration.

  • Attending the conference offers 6 hours Resource Development for ICF coaches.

  • Seminar is already filling up, so register soon!

Submissions For Future Newsletters

We hope you found this issue of Checking In fun and helpful. Our goal is to provide you with information useful to you as a coach, and to help members and friends share their announcements with this community. Please submit announcements to by the 25th of each month.

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