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May 2016

Kimberley Elliott








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President’s Message


California coaches are answering the call to action and transforming International Coaching Week into International Coaching Month!

I am so thrilled to see how energized people have become with our call to take coaching viral into our neighborhoods, communities and workplaces! I shared this challenge first as an inquiry in our April newsletter, and then, more directly to our chapter members during our April meeting and received overwhelming support. We have been receiving pledges almost on a daily basis of coaches creating opportunities to provide a minimum of 3 hours of pro-bono coaching. Then, I shared this challenge with the Western Region of ICF Chapters - and look what is starting to happen….

  • ICF-LA & Sacramento Chapters have reached out to say they are taking on the challenge to take coaching viral and will be adding to our tally, creating a united effort for the California chapters.

  • Watermark Conference for Women Silicon Valley at the San Jose Convention Center - 6,000 women attended, 32 coaches donated 50 hours to 100 people on April 21st.

  • Annual Prosperity Ball on April 30th at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Canada. At least one SFBAC coach, our own Jose-Antonio Villalobos is donating 6 hours of coaching to 12 people.

  • SF SCORE, on May 13th, there will be 6 coaches (including yours truly) providing 6 hours of coaching to small business owners  = 36 hours to 72 people.

  • Marin County Employee Career Day, May 24 - 25, 16 - 20 career coaches will provide 30 minute sessions to 4-6 employees each = 60 hours to 120 people.

  • Ability in Tech Career Fair in Berkeley on May 21st, there will be 200 job-seekers and 3 career coaches will be donating 3 hours each = 9 hours to 18 people.

  • WITI Summit Silicon Valley in San Jose, On June 5-7, over 3 days, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in 50-minute Coaching Circles, one-on-one 30-60 minute individual career coaching.

It’s not even May yet!!! Please, please, PLEASE log on to our FaceBook Events page and tell us what you are planning to do, if you want others to join, or if you would like some help - be it small and intimate or as expanded as you can dream - let’s make ICW 2016 rock the entire month and TAKE COACHING VIRAL!






--Ricci Victorio, President



Inbox Inspiration

“If you are unable to find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it?”

Dogen Zenji (1200 - 1253)


Welcome New Members

We’re happy to announce the following new members, who bring our new member count to 25 for this year:

South Bay:  Shivani Bhasin

New members, please be sure to create your profile at, and request to join our private Facebook group. You can also LIKE our external Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @SFBACoaches and/or join in on the discussion on LinkedIn.

If you have questions about this, contact Tony Scopelite

Membership Benefits

Earn Continuing Education Credits

Did you know that the ICF has several ways for you to earn Continuing Education credits? Whether you are certified through the ICF, or would just like to gain some additional skills, check out the ICF Calendar for live events, webinars, and conferences. Members can also take advantage of ICF’s Virtual Education Archives of various conferences and presentations for you professional development and continued learning.

Membership Renewal

Renew Your ICF Membership Today

Your ICF Membership expired on March 31, 2016. To remain an ICF Member in good standing, renewal is required annually. You can renew your ICF Membership today by visiting

ICF Membership provides credibility, community and opportunities for continuous professional growth. Renewing your ICF Membership is the best way to set yourself apart in a crowded marketplace.

By choosing to rejoin ICF in 2016, you’ll enjoy continued access to cutting-edge research, resources and marketing tools that help you become the best coach you can be.

In 2016, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (SF BAC) Members will also benefit from a variety of local opportunities, including:

  • The ability to see an exciting list of speakers during our monthly meetings

  • Access recorded videos of our previous meetings

  • Ability to build relationships and network with an amazing group of coaches

As an ICF Member, you’ll also continue to enjoy the many benefits of ICF Global Membership, including discounts on ICF Credential applications (initial and renewal), industry research reports (including the forthcoming 2016 ICF Global Coaching Study), and products and services from ICF’s Business Solutions Partners. Invest in yourself and your career: Rejoin ICF for another year.

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International Coaching Week: May 16 - 22, 2016

Taking Coaching Week Viral

International Coaching Week (ICW) is an annual week-long global celebration of the coaching profession. It's the local ICF Chapters and coaches who make ICW successful.

During this week, coaches around the world offer a variety of activities and pro bono services in their local communities to share the impact of coaching. From educational sessions, to coaching demonstrations to panel discussions, ICW offers something for everyone.


CALL TO ACTION: What Is Your Commitment?

During our last chapter meeting, Ricci Victorio, chapter President declared a ‘Call to Action’ for International Coaching Week that emerged from her curiosity and vision. She began to ask powerful questions.

What if we could create a SHIFT from a few downtown events, to exploding virally throughout the entire Bay Area?

What if all 210 SF BAC chapter coaches got involved?

What kind of impact could we have upon our communities, neighborhoods and organizations?

She then shared her call to action inviting all members of our chapter to donate some coaching time to a few people (individual or within an organization) during or near International Coaching Week.

  • One hour, in 30-minute segments of free coaching to two people = 210 hours reaching 420 people!

  • Three hours, a half-day, in 30-minute segments, to six people = 630 hours reaching 1,260 individuals!

In the spirit of coaching service, this CALL TO ACTION asks:

What would you be willing to do to promote coaching into your community, church group or organization?

We are collecting your commitments on our SFBAC FaceBook page . Please share your actions with us including - how many hours / people and where you plan to do the coaching.

Below are a few examples of board member commitments for ICW.


On April 18th, your Board President Ricci Victorio provided 30 minutes of Pro Bono group coaching with residents of the Brookdale Senior Living Community. They explored strategies for approaching difficult discussions with family members related to inheritance, estate/trust planning and end of life decisions.

Your Membership Coordinator and leadership coach, José-Antonio Villalobos, will support the 8th Annual Prosperity Ball for New Beginnings Support Program by donating a coaching package of 6 hours.  The fundraiser, ‘Dare To Dream’ will take place on Saturday, April 30, 2016 at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel In Toronto, Canada. New Beginnings Support Program is a charitable agency that has been working in the community to help improve the quality of lives of women and children in need.

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Tina Ambrosini, Events Coordinator has organized a full day of volunteer coaching at SF SCORE to assist small business owners in expanding their enterprise while removing roadblocks to success. In addition to some chapter volunteer coaches, Jon Shuster, Programs Coordinator along with Chapter President, Ricci Victorio, ICF Liaison, Barbara Koeth and Marketing Director, Kimberley Elliott will also be on hand to donate coaching time.

Attention Career Coaches: Marin County Employee Day 2016

Madelyn Mackie is coordinating a group of career coaches to provided mini-coaching sessions at the Marin County Employee Career Day. This years event will be held over two days, May 24th and May 25th from 11:30AM - 4:00PM. She is looking for at least 8 coaches per day that will conduct individual 25-minute, mini-coaching sessions for interested county employees. Each coach will have an opportunity to coach 4-6 people. Feel free to bring your marketing materials, newsletter sign-ups, and business cards. Coaches may participate in one or both days.

Tentative Schedule

  • 11:30 AM Coaches arrival for orientation.

  • 12:30 PM Coaching sessions begin and rotate every 25 minutes

  • 4:00 PM  Coaching completed. Coaches free to leave.

  • Small stipends available approximately $75-$100.


International Coach Networking with Enrichment

Cross-Cultural Sharing With Coaches from China

On May 2nd a delegation from Enrichment, a coach training school based in China, will bring over 20 students and faculty to meet with SFBAC at the Impact HUB in San Francisco. During this highly interactive meeting, they will share their coaching model infused with Chinese philosophy, and we will have the opportunity to present different coach training and coaching approaches here in the Bay Area. During their visit they will also spend time meeting with large tech companies such as Google to learn about local corporate coaching solutions.


Stay tuned, we will be reporting the learned insights and wisdom from this exciting cross cultural event in our June Newsletter!

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May Coaches Gathering

Simplify Your Marketing: Create More Leads and Income by Doing LESS

Embrace the practice of simplifying, and you will get great clients & customers AND keep your sanity intact!

Participants will learn:

  • How to identify the best marketing strategies for your business so you can stop wasting time on complicated schemes (ones that ultimately don’t work anyway!)

  • Why doing less marketing will give you more results, faster

  • The costs of making the most common marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

  • Significantly reduce or even eliminate resistance, wasted time, and learning curves in your marketing efforts

Mary Cravets

Mary Cravets is a highly sought-after presenter who makes everyone feel like she is speaking directly to them with her engaging, down-to-earth style. She delivers practical topics that provide participants with simple, actionable ideas, plus the clarity and motivation to put them into action right away. Mary is a Productivity Expert, Business Strategist and Speaker who works with ambitious entrepreneurs who are too busy to grow, and help them double their incomes and get their lives back. Mary’s entrepreneurial journey includes successful careers in Real Estate, Direct Sales, business-to-business Networking Events and now Business Coaching. Recently a health crisis forced Mary to completely start over and revamp her business, and from the systems she created to weather the storm, she tripled her income while cutting her work hours in half. She teaches audiences and clients the same systems she credits for her current success.

 When: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Time: 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Where: The Impact Hub San Francisco, 925 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

OR view Individual Live Stream

If you would like to know more about our May guest speaker Mary Cravets, please feel free to visit her blog or watch her video.

How We Meet Monthly

 In Person

Impact Hub San Francisco: 925 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103

Live Streaming

Live stream our monthly San Francisco meetings. Click here to register for Live Streaming.

To Register

Simply visit our website to save your place at the in-person meeting or receive instructions on viewing from your computer.

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WBECS Pre-Summit Sessions

Free Professional Development Opportunity

We wanted to share with you an opportunity to learn directly from some of our industry’s thought-leaders and the most successful coaches in the world.

WBECS - the world’s largest online summit for Business and Executive coaches - offers more than 43 pitch-free sessions at their Pre-Summit in May - at absolutely no cost! We feel this event offers tremendous value to coaches who are looking to learn more coaching tools, frameworks and methodologies, from the best.

You can get all the information including the speaker line up, time tables and how to register for the Complimentary WBECS Pre-Summit sessions by clicking the link below:


We know you will find sessions that are relevant to you and your practice right now and will gain immense value in the experience. Register now before they have reached capacity.

April Bay Area Coaches Chapter Networking

Reflection & Resource Support For All!

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Coaches supported each other to increase aliveness in business at our chapter meeting last month. After an informal networking complete with appetizers, wine and good company, our members gathered to reflect on the first quarter of our businesses. In small groups, we shared progress with our business goals, including where we get stuck and what has worked well. The open and intimate format allowed participants to get some direct coaching and to ask for support from their fellow coaches. As a group, we then reported our learning from the exercise and created a large list of resources and support ideas. The evening closed with acknowledgement of the abundance of wisdom present in our chapter membership.


Watermark Women’s Conference Coaching Corner

San Francisco Bay Area Coaches Deliver

Six thousand women attended The Watermark Conference for Women Silicon Valley on April 21st, and ICF-SFBAC was there!


It was an inspiring event where 31 of our members provided spotlight coaching to approximately 80-100 women. The challenges the women brought to us, though varied, had a theme of feeling stuck. We all felt grateful for the opportunity to provide insight and a new perspective for the attendees. It brought home the value of coaching that can change someone's life with a simple shift in perspective.

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Our Coaches Reported Having A Fabulous Time!

I am glad SFBAC partnered with Watermark. People who came to the Coaches Corner were all so curious, open minded, and felt comfortable to share their career challenges. As a volunteer coach we had access to all keynote sessions and a very nice luncheon. I attended a morning talk about professional renaissance. I will definitely go back next year!

Sophie Leroi, The Focus Room LLC

I walked away so inspired by the people I talked to and from being at this Women’s Conference of over 6000 people strong.

Cynthia Sumner, Co-Active Coach


Coaching at watermark was inspiring and fun. These women made themselves available and vulnerable in a short speed coaching session to work on their self confidence, career gremlins, and other issues. The conference itself was a buzz of activity where we as coaches contributed to the energy of boosting women to the next level!

Cathy Chen-Rennie, Capriole Consulting

IMG_5003.JPG IMG_5011.JPG

It was also fun to hear from several of the inspiring speakers including an interview with Mindy Kaling from The Mindy Project and personal development expert Lisa Nichols!


Following the conference, several coaches from our chapter gathered in community to enjoy a light dinner and social fun before returning home.

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