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June 2016

Sophie Leroi






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President’s Message

May has been an exciting month! I am so very grateful and proud of our members in the way they responded to our call to action to take International Coaching Week and fill the entire month with activities to bring the coaching experience into our communities!

Thank you!!

Because of each of you, offering to give your time, creativity and energy, we have accounts of hundreds of pro bono coaching and presentation hours! If you haven’t been on our Facebook page in a while, I invite you to take a peek - people are sharing their experiences and posting pictures. If you haven’t shared yours, please post where you were, what you experienced and share a photo if you have one.

This is one of the more exciting and energizing experiences I have had during ICW. I hope it was great for you. I know we have impacted many many people, helping them to move forward and achieve their dreams. Thank you again. You are all heroes in my book!









--Ricci Victorio, President


Inbox Inspiration

“Vision is not enough, it must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs.”

Vaclav Havel


Welcome New Members

We’re happy to announce the following new members, who bring our new member count to 29 for this year:

East Bay:  Betsy Block, Julia Oseland
North Bay:  Lisa McKeogh

Outside of SF Bay Area:  Price Burlington


New members, please be sure to create your profile at, and request to join our private Facebook group. You can also LIKE our external Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @SFBACoaches and/or join in on the discussion on LinkedIn.

If you have questions about this, contact Tony Scopelite

Membership Benefits

Communities of Practice

The ICF has several Communities of Practice (formerly known as ICF Special Interest Groups), that offer an additional venue for coaches in similar fields to communicate best practices and new ideas. For more information click here.

Membership Renewal

Did You Remember to Renew Your ICF Membership?

Your ICF Membership expired on March 31, 2016. To remain an ICF Member in good standing, renewal is required annually.

ICF Membership provides credibility, community and opportunities for continuous professional growth. By choosing to rejoin ICF in 2016, you’ll enjoy continued access to cutting-edge research, resources and marketing tools that help you become the best coach you can be.

In 2016, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (SF BAC) Members will also benefit from a variety of local opportunities, including:

  • The ability to see an exciting list of speakers during our monthly meetings

  • Access recorded videos of our previous meetings

  • Ability to build relationships and network with an amazing group of coaches

Invest in yourself and your career: Rejoin ICF for another year.

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May Coaches Gathering

“Embrace the practice of simplifying, and you will get great clients and customers AND keep your sanity intact!”

We were lucky to have Mary Cravets as our May speaker at the Hub on 11th May. Her presentation was dynamic and she shared practical tips to make your marketing successful. Here are a few key takeaways from that evening:

·       Marketing is speaking the language of benefits, benefits, benefits to the client.

·       Don’t have many clients? Think about what gets you results, what you are skilled at, and what you enjoy.

·       Customization is key to success: create a marketing plan that works for you, based on your own strengths

·       Stop the overwhelm! Don’t try to do it all.

·       Stop doing what is not working and focus on what is already working

·       Choose activities, decide the frequency, implement and track your results.

Feel free to check out this short video from Mary Cravets about her presentation:, and you can download a recording of her presentation via our storefront:

June Coaches Gathering

Living your Why: The Big Five for Life

Know your Purpose or "Why" is not enough.  What can you do to bring your “Why” alive either in your personal or your business life.  This presentation will enrich your life.  It's inspirational with practical takeaways to put your Why into action.


Frumi BarrDr. Frumi Rachel Barr is truly an entrepreneur having started and run 5 entrepreneurial adventures prior to following her passion for guiding the success of CEOs and their teams to Scale Up. She lives her “WHY” (purpose or cause) daily: creating a safe environment for leaders and their teams to talk about the tough issues that matter most to build profitable and sustainable organizations. Dr. Frumi always begins with culture – the competitive advantage of any company. Building ridiculously successful businesses is what it’s all about.

She is the author of a CEO’s Secret Weapon: How to Accelerate Success. The book was ranked top business book of 2012 by ExecRank and has a forward by her colleague Simon Sinek, international author of best-selling Start with Why.


When: Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Time: 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Where: The Impact Hub San Francisco, 925 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

OR view Individual Live Stream


How We Meet Monthly

In Person

Impact Hub San Francisco: 925 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103

Live Streaming

Live stream our monthly San Francisco meetings.

To Register

Simply visit our website to save your place at the in-person meeting or receive instructions on viewing from your computer.

Social Media

Don’t forget to request to join our private Facebook group. You can also LIKE our external Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @SFBACoaches and/or join in on the discussion on LinkedIn. We invite you to visit our social media pages during and immediately after our monthly gatherings, as we are always posting great insights from these events.

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International Coaching Week Triumphs

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Contributes

I am so thrilled to see how energized people have become with our call to take coaching viral into our neighborhoods, communities and workplaces! I shared this challenge first as an inquiry in our April newsletter, and then, more directly to our chapter members during our April meeting and received overwhelming support. We have been receiving pledges almost on a daily basis of coaches creating opportunities to provide a minimum of 3 hours of pro-bono coaching. Then, I shared this challenge with the Western Region of ICF Chapters - and look what is starting to happen….

  • ICF-LA & Sacramento Chapters have reached out to say they are taking on the challenge to take coaching viral and will be adding to our tally, creating a united effort for the California chapters.

  • Watermark Conference for Women Silicon Valley at the San Jose Convention Center - 6,000 women attended, 32 coaches donated 50 hours to 100 people on April 21st.

  • Annual Prosperity Ball on April 30th at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Canada. At least one SFBAC coach, our own Jose-Antonio Villalobos is donating 6 hours of coaching to 12 people.

  • SF SCORE, on May 13th, 8 coaches (including yours truly) provided 6 hours of coaching to small business owners  = 48 hours to 72 people.

  • Marin County Employee Career Day, May 25 - 26, 16 - 20 career coaches provided 30 minute sessions to 4-6 employees each = 60 hours to 120 people.

  • Ability in Tech Career Fair in Berkeley on May 21st,  200 job-seekers and 3 career coaches donated 3 hours each = 9 hours to 18 people.

  • WITI Summit Silicon Valley in San Jose, On June 5-7, over 3 days, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in 50-minute Coaching Circles, one-on-one 30-60 minute individual career coaching.

Coaches From China

A Gathering For Learning and Celebrating the Joy of Coaching


Talk about putting the International into International Coaching Week! On May 2nd, a group of coaching students from Enrichment, China, along with their teachers and translator, joined the SFBAC Board for a highly interactive meeting as they shared their coaching model CDCA©, which is infused with Chinese philosophy, as well as very interesting insights about China as a place of changes and transition. Here are some key learnings:

Coaching Trends in China:

  • Rapid Growth of Coaching. Challenge: Speed and scale vs quality

  • May newly certified coaches are emerging

  • Coaching supervision is in more demand for sustaining quality

  • More and more in house coaches apply for credentials in order to develop a second career in the future

  • Coaching is moving from remedial to developmental

The SFBAC Board had an opportunity to talk about the different coach training approaches available in the Bay Area and shared their own personal models and perspectives. This was a rewarding and fun cross-cultural opportunity to learn about coaching around the world and to learn from each other.





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