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May 2017

Tony Scopelite






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Vice President’s Message

Looking around it seems that 2017 is the year of coaching – as the saying goes you cannot swing … as coaches we rarely deal with pets, more with their owners. At the same time the strange bifurcation remains that you’re either a highly-paid C-level executive of a major company, then of course you have a coach – it comes as perk with your job – or you “need” a coach because you’re considered a complete failure. As a coach, you are well aware that everybody needs a coach. Coaches need a coach. Shunryu Suzuki, the founder of the San Francisco Zen Center, remarked: “You are perfect as you are and you could use a little improvement.” Coaches are everywhere – just met with over 300 coaches from around the world at ICF Global Leadership Forum in Warsaw and it was both inspiring and comforting to see that everyone has different challenges in their way of being a coach and at the end it's all the same – a comforting thought.

Finding a coach, selecting the right coach can be a daunting undertaking and it is part of our task as coaches to facilitate that, to educate the public and to reach out in multiple ways. The ICF International Coaching Week is a great opportunity to increase visibility for the coaching profession and to give back to the community. Over the last years our chapter has developed impressive programs for ICW and this year we have an even more diverse set of activities.

I invite you to participate in one of the organized programs during ICF or create your own outreach to spread the word, educate about coaching, offer services and not the least also grow your business.

Sometimes coaching feels more like herding cats than swinging them, yet it’s so gratifying to see how much the cats appreciate being herded in the right direction.

With best wishes for a wonderful spring,



“Treat every moment as your last. It is not preparation for something else.”

― Shunryu Suzuki



Welcome New Members

We are happy to have you as part of the the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of ICF and want to make sure that you feel at home and as part of this group of outstanding coaches.

Please reach out to any of our board members should you have a question.

We’re welcoming:

San Francisco:  Chris Baker, Mark Dickstein, Andrea Gemma
South Bay:  Lycia Messersmith, Anjara Pursnani
East Bay:  David Bennett, Manoj Viswanathan
Out of Area:  Mario Farber

Which brings our new member count to 28 for this year.

As a member you get the benefit of creating a profile at Please make sure you complete the profile as it shows both potential clients and your peers that you are now part of the leading professional association in coaching.  

We are on several social media platforms. Please consider joining us!

Facebook Group - SF Bay Area Coaches

Facebook Page - ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches

Twitter - @SFBACoaches

LinkedIn - ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches

Meetup - ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches

If you have questions about this, contact Tony Scopelite

Call For Volunteers

Come be part of a larger team! Want to join a team dedicated to fostering community, service, connection, and opportunity for Bay Area coaches? We have space for people who want to volunteer an hour or more a month and we also have Board positions available. Please email to get questions answered and see what might be a good fit! Ask for a job description! Come be part of our FUN team.

Current positions available:

Events Co-Coordinator

Public Relations and Outreach

Ask The Master Coach

Our first question for “Ask the Master Coach” comes from Nancy Kiehl, CPCC, ACC, of Santa Cruz:

What do you wish a successful, seasoned coach had shared with you when you started your coaching career?

From Judith Cohen, MCC, CPCC

“Your interpretation of everything determines the quality and possibilities of your life. You may not have chosen your circumstances but you are always choosing your interpretation of every experience and circumstance that you have. Most people are daunted by having complete freedom of interpretation. Masterful coaches train clients to revel in that freedom and train them to decrease and even end their suffering. Is your interpretation of your situation of service to you and others? If not, try another interpretation and find allies to provide support in maintaining this new, more productive point of view. Coaching is magical when you are coming from the joy of choosing your interpretation and your client catches that excitement and chooses a new interpretation/story of their own to come from.”

From Ricci Victorio, CPCC, PCC

“If you have one client, or 25 clients, you need to plan for your own business success. Develop a business plan that maps out where you want to go (without letting your saboteur talk you out of it). It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it needs to identify:

  • What do you want to accomplish this yearin business, family, personal and educational aspects?

  • How much do you want to work? (40 hours per week? 20 hours? 5 hours?) 

    • Once determined, how does this break down to how many clients per month and how often will you work with them?

  • How much do you need/want to earn this year? How much of that will be from coaching?

    • Take this number and divide it by the number of coaching hours you want to work, and you’ll have your magic number for your hourly rate.

    • If it seems unreasonable to your experience or the market, you may need to adjust how many clients you are willing to work with to achieve your financial goal.

  • Divide these objectives into monthly goals: If you reduce the big numbers down to smaller bites, they don’t seem so difficult to achieve. What does that break down to per week? Even easier!

  • Invest in technology that will support your success: (avoid spreadsheets and sticky notes if you can). Here are some suggestions:

    • Use an online invoicing system that allows you to program recurring invoices, receive auto payments by credit card, and will automatically deposit payments into your bank account. Bill in advance of coaching. Ideally, this system will also have a daily time-keeper, which is good for hourly consulting work and keeping track of your hours for your certification reporting. I rely on this system to hold myself accountable for my productivity, so I also keep track of my non-billable time I spend on marketing, website and social media and administrative tasks.

    • Set up an account with a stable and secure remote meeting software like GotoMeeting or Zoom, where the video connection is high resolution and you can easily screen share for sharing notes and big boarding ideas with clients.

    • Create shared notebooks with each client for session notes, links, and idea building, such as Evernote, OneNote, Google Docs. Clients love that their sessions are being documented and they can drop in ideas and journaling to share with you, and access their notes in between sessions.

    • Make sure you have business-speed internetwherever you choose to work. There is nothing more unprofessional than a bad connection when you are working with a client.

  • Make it easy for your clients and prospective clients to work with you:

    • Have a process already in place for tracking referrals and prospective clients. Follow up your sample sessions or inquiries with a “Welcome to Coaching” packet, with information about you, your process, what is coaching, what they can expect to experience and include your coaching agreement. I always include an informational worksheet that get them thinking about what they want to achieve during our work together.

    • Practice explaining how you get paid. Get comfortable saying how much your coaching fees are. The more confident you are, the more comfortable your clients will be.”

Got a question for coaches who know the terrain of our profession? Submit your questions to

Chapter Monthly Meeting.jpg

Coaching and Healing: How Coaching Impacts Health and Wellness

Featuring Dr. Joel Kreisberg

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

6:30 to 9:00 pm

American Bookbinders Museum

355 Clementina Street

San Francisco, CA  94103

The growth of coaching in the field of medicine and health care is staggering.  Engaging client’s health and wellness with coaching models has found its way into universities, hospital systems, as research shows its effectiveness in reducing symptoms and increasing client satisfaction. Join Dr. Joel Kreisberg as he guides you through the core principles of Narrative Health Coaching.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • How narrative healing works in a coaching setting

  • How to engage clients in broadening their focus to health related issues

  • How to create and work with healing topics using a developmental model of coaching

  • Where and how you can find opportunities for working as a coach in the healthcare industry.

  • Current research supporting the effectiveness in coaching for common health conditions.


Dr. Joel Kreisberg, DC, PCC Dr. Kreisberg’s commitment to transforming health begins with individuals and extends to organizations and society as a whole. Through his 28 years of experience as an integrative physician, he has learned to recognize the healing potential in everyday actions and exchanges. Using natural systems, focused awareness and fundamental life energy, he uses narrative health coaching to guide others to wholeness with greater resilience. Dr. Kreisberg is the Executive Director of the Teleosis Institute, a school of Coaching and Narrative Healing.  He is the co-author of Coaching and Healing: Transcending the Illness Narrative.  Learn more at:

CCEU Credits - 1.5

To register

Our Monthly SFBAC meetings

The ICF San Francisco Bay Area Chapter meets monthly either in person or via webinar. We have secured a temporary space at the American Bookbinders Museum in San Francisco located at 355 Clementina Street. If you have access to space, please contact Sue Steinfeld at All of our webinars and presentations will qualify you to earn CCEUs for continuing education.

Please register at the SFBAC website to save your place at the in-person meeting or receive instructions on how to view the live stream from your computer.

Details about our location:

Bookbinders Museum website:  Bookbinders Museum


  • SFMTA Fifth & Mission Parking Garage 833 Mission St. (between Fifth and Fourth streets)

  • SFMOMA Garage 147 Minna St. (between Third and New Montgomery)

  • Hearst Parking Center 45 Third St. (between Mission and Market)

  • Ace Parking 322 Tehama St. (between Howard and Folsom)

Public Transit

  • AC Transit/Golden Gate Transit/SamTrans Transbay Terminal at First and Mission Streets

  • Caltrain Fourth and Townsend St. station

  • BART Powell St. station

  • Muni Metro Montgomery or Powell St. station serves J-Church, KT-Ingleside/Third St., L-Taraval, M-Oceanview and N-Judah lines

  • Muni Bus Routes 8-Bayshore, 14-Mission, 27-Bryant, 30-Stockton, 45-Union/Stockton


Kelly Clifford, author of The Profitable Professional, offers this framework for enrolling clients.

Upcoming Events


International Coaches Week
May 15-21

ICW 2017 Begins in Two Weeks!

              International Coaching Week (ICW) is right around the corner! ICW 2017, which takes place
          May 15 – 21, 2017, is an annual week-long global celebration of the coaching profession. ICW is
                            a great opportunity to get involved and spread the word about coaching!

                                                               ICW 2017 Action Steps:


International Coaches Week | Community Design Challenge

SF Bay Area Chapter  Wednesday, May 17th, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

SF Impact Hub,1899 Mission St. (corner of Mission and 15th streets)

Come join your local ICF coaching community to shape pilot programs for peer-

to-peer and mentor coaching. Have you been wondering the best way to find the

right mentor coach? Are you interested in exploring the value of peer coaching?

Whether you are in a coaching training program seeking a mentor coach or a

long-time coach with deep experience to offer, being part of a learning

partnership is one of the best ways to continue your own professional growth.

Members have expressed interest in having an ICF offering of peer-to- peer and mentor coaching. Rather than design and launch something on our own, we are

inviting members to jump in, bring their energy and ideas forward to co-design

and road test a pilot. Come meet other coaches for an evening of connection and


Wednesday’s event will involve:

  • Meeting and learning from fellow coaches

  • Forming teams to share ideas on what makes for an effective learning and knowledge exchange between coaches

  • Designing a prototype with your team for coach-to- coach support systems within our own local ICF chapter

  • Identifying volunteers within each team to test out the pilot

We look forward to an evening of designing new possibilities! Register for this

event at

Feel free to contact Lisa Monzón, Events Director ( with any questions.

Brown Bag Lunches at the Impact Hub's new location.

During the week of May 22, we are hosting two brown-bag lunches to support and connect with our social impact friends at the Impact Hub in its new Mission district location:

  • Introduction to Coaching and How It Can Positively Impact Business

  • How to Build a Leadership Culture in a Startup

We will also host an event called Meet and Greet a Coach during that same week.

Stay tuned on our Facebook page for more details and opportunities

ICF Events and Announcements

SAVE the DATE: ICF Converge 2017

Join the global coaching community at the intersection of coaching and potential for ICF Converge 2017. ICF Converge is a dynamic, first-of-its-kind global event designed to strengthen connections within the coaching community and offer cutting-edge learning opportunities.

August 24–26, 2017

Washington, D.C., USA

Marriott Wardman Park


Seats are going fast for ICF Coverage 2017, taking place August 24–26, 2017, in Washington, D.C., USA. After a five-year hiatus, the enthusiasm for this global convention has led to strong registration (currently 55% of capacity), with members representing 35 countries. Coupled with lower rates than our 2011 offering and world class presenters and sessions, you do not want to wait to register. Act Now.
ICF - San Francisco Bay Area Coaches
268 Bush St. #4039
San Francisco, CA 94104