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June 2017

Tony Scopelite







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President’s Message


As I pondered the subject for this month’s missive to you, one word has continued to surface: GRATITUDE. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to work with a terrific team in serving SFBAC. It was two years ago this month that I stepped into the role as the president and I want to make sure you know that everything we enjoy, experience, and learn is a result of many hours offered enthusiastically by an outstanding group of coaches serving as our board and committee members.


I would especially like to acknowledge our Treasurer and Executive Committee member Ray Pifferrer for his leadership, innovation and support. Ray has been an angel to work with, someone we could always count upon who accepted responsibility joyfully and with competency.


I am sorry to announce that as of May 31st, Ray stepped down from his role as Treasurer in order to attend to the needs of his family. We have become a family, working closely together as a board. All of us are saddened that we will not continue to enjoy his lively humor, thoughtful guidance, and ability to encourage us when we have been challenged.


Thank you, Ray, for pushing through personal difficulties to be here for us. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


With love,

Ricci and all of the SFBAC board and members




My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”   

―Maya Angelou




Welcome New Members


We are happy to have you as part of the the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of ICF and want to make sure that you feel at home and as part of this group of outstanding coaches.


Please reach out to any of our board members should you have a question.


We’re welcoming:


San Francisco:  Andrea Gemma, Ban Ishii, Ruth Katz
South Bay:  Roxanne Harrison
East Bay:  Evangeline Lan, Erika Torres
Outside of SF Bay Area:  Christine Noffz

Which brings our new member count to 35 for this year.


As a member you get the benefit of creating a profile at Please make sure you complete the profile as it shows both potential clients and your peers that you are now part of the leading professional association in coaching.  


We are on several social media platforms. Please consider joining us!


Facebook Group - SF Bay Area Coaches

Facebook Page - ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches

Twitter - @SFBACoaches

LinkedIn - ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches

Meetup - ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches


If you have questions about this, contact Tony Scopelite at



Call For Volunteers


Come be part of a larger team! Want to join a team dedicated to fostering community, service, connection, and opportunity for Bay Area coaches? We have space for people who want to volunteer an hour or more a month and we also have Board positions available. Please email to get questions answered and see what might be a good fit! Ask for a job description! Come be part of our FUN team.


Current positions available:

Events Co-Coordinator
Public Relations and Outreach


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Is Your Voice as Powerful as You Are?

Featuring Hillary Wicht

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

6:30 to 9:00 pm


American Bookbinders Museum

355 Clementina Street

San Francisco, CA  94103

How we show up vocally leads people to definite and immediate conclusions about how we show up in the world. Simply put, there is a strong relationship between vocal acoustics and the psychology of perception: who we are as individuals, our personality, our strengths, and also our weaknesses are unmasked in the voice.

Your listeners decide in just seven seconds.

When you walk into a room, you may look the part. Your business accomplishments may indicate that you’re an achiever. But the moment you begin to speak, your audience will be listening carefully to gauge if your voice and message is congruent with your appearance and resume. You may be the expert in the room, but if you speak in a quiet voice that is difficult to hear, through a small, tight mouth that gives the impression you are afraid, you’re not going to be perceived as a credible “expert” of anything.

  • Discover the Psychology and Science behind Influential Communication

  • Uncover unconscious verbal (and nonverbal) habits that are undermining your message and negatively impacting the way you are being perceived

  • Implement the 3 most effective communication elements to create the impact you want and become the leader you are meant to be.



Hillary Wicht is an executive voice coach who helps her clients develop their voice for leadership so they can step more fully into their power, influence, and impact through the vehicle of voice. She has been empowering voices in the boardroom, the courtroom, the sales meeting, and on the stage, giving her clients both the competence and confidence they need to have a voice and presence that creates success in their careers and lives.


In addition to her private clients, Hillary is passionate about empowering women to stand in their value in powerful and effective ways. She is a partnering coach to the Athena Alliance, focused on placing more women on to executive boards and a resource to Women2Boards and Boardrooms.

Hillary’s past experience as a performer in the studio and on the stage as both a session singer and voiceover artist bring a fun and rich foundation to her coaching practice. She has shared her voice with such diverse Grammy winners as American Idol winners Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, The X Factor winner Leona Lewis, Idina Menzel, Leonard Cohen, CeCe Winans and LL Cool J. She can be heard on commercials for McDonald's, Mattel, AT&T, Toyota, and beyond. She has performed on television and film sets, and stages small and large.


Hillary combines her expertise in voice and performance with her background in Somatic Leadership Coaching and Psychology to deliver a comprehensive authority of what it means to have a voice and presence  that can authentically connect with others, move people to action, produce results, and create a legacy.


CCEU Credits - 1.5

Click To register:

Our Monthly SFBAC meetings

The ICF San Francisco Bay Area Chapter meets monthly either in person or via webinar. We have secured a temporary space at the American Bookbinders Museum in San Francisco located at 355 Clementina Street. If you have access to space, please contact Sue Steinfeld at All of our webinars and presentations will qualify you to earn CCEUs for continuing education.


Please register at the SFBAC website to save your place at the in-person meeting or receive instructions on how to view the live stream from your computer.


Details about our location:


Bookbinders Museum website:  Bookbinders Museum


  • SFMTA Fifth & Mission Parking Garage 833 Mission St. (between Fifth and Fourth streets)

  • SFMOMA Garage 147 Minna St. (between Third and New Montgomery)

  • Hearst Parking Center 45 Third St. (between Mission and Market)

  • Ace Parking 322 Tehama St. (between Howard and Folsom)

Public Transit

  • AC Transit/Golden Gate Transit/SamTrans Transbay Terminal at First and Mission Streets

  • Caltrain Fourth and Townsend St. station

  • BART Powell St. station

  • Muni Metro Montgomery or Powell St. station serves J-Church, KT-Ingleside/Third St., L-Taraval, M-Oceanview and N-Judah lines

  • Muni Bus Routes 8-Bayshore, 14-Mission, 27-Bryant, 30-Stockton, 45-Union/Stockton



Laurel Staples provides tips on how to turn leads into paying clients (via the ICF blog).



SFBAC’s Coach Training Video Series

Interested in coach training? Even a quick search will yield links to  myriad coaching schools and programs. SFBAC recently launched its Coach Training Video Series to provide those exploring educational options with invaluable insights and information from program founders.


SFBAC is proud and excited to announce the launch of its new Coach Training Video Series. Kicking off this valuable resource are  interviews of three coach leaders who are based locally: Karen Kimsey-House of the Coaches Training Institute (interviewed by Ricci Victorio, SFBAC President), James Flaherty of New Ventures West (interviewed by Florian Brody, SFBAC Vice- President), and Richard Strozzi-Hecker of the Strozzi Institute (interviewed by Sahar Azarabadi, SFBAC Membership Chair).


Are you curious about a particular school or training program and know someone who’s connected who may be interested in participating in SFBAC’s Coach Training Video Series? Please email Barbara Koeth, Liaison to Coaching Schools/Institutions.


Upcoming Events

Lead with Narrative to Design a Better World

The ICF San Francisco Bay Area Chapter received an invitation for all members and affiliates to participate in the Narrative Summit 3: Stories That Change at a special reduced rate. Ricci Victorio, our chapter president, will lead an improv workshop and talk about improv and storytelling. Register today with the code SFBAC to get a significant discount. Don't delay as the discounted tickets are very limited.


Register Now

At Narrative Summit 3: Stories That Change, we’ll discuss the evolution of storytelling and the development of digital narratives as tools for social trust-building, cross-cultural storytelling, information sharing and the support of economic and societal goals. The agenda offers a stunning group of filmmakers, architects, researchers and authors and several workshop sessions where small teams will work together to build new digital narratives that encompass the services, products and brands of the organizations and institutions they represent.


Join us to learn: How stories can conflict with mission and goals; How to use stories to align mission and goals; To use stories to engage internally and externally; To use stories and narratives to develop co-designed products, services, and futures, based on proven film and marketing strategies represented by our speakers. Register today, seating is limited!

Register Now





ICF Events and Announcements

SAVE the DATE: ICF Converge 2017


Join the global coaching community at the intersection of coaching and potential for ICF Converge 2017. ICF Converge is a dynamic, first-of-its-kind global event designed to strengthen connections within the coaching community and offer cutting-edge learning opportunities.


August 24–26, 2017

Washington, D.C., USA

Marriott Wardman Park




Seats are going fast for ICF Converge 2017, taking place August 24–26, 2017, in Washington, D.C., USA. After a five-year hiatus, the enthusiasm for this global convention has led to strong registration (currently 55% of capacity), with members representing 35 countries. Coupled with lower rates than our 2011 offering and world class presenters and sessions, you do not want to wait to register. Act Now.
ICF - San Francisco Bay Area Coaches
268 Bush St. #4039
San Francisco, CA 94104