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March 2018

Tony Scopelite






Message from the Board

“What Guides Your Life?" by Javier Llerena, ACC , SFBAC Treasurer

As a coach I often ask my clients, “What fuels your desires, dreams, and passions? What guides your life?"

These days, life regularly feels like we're living amidst a whirlpool. We're battered by constant change and emergencies. We turn on the news and hear unnerving reports from around the globe. We go online and see opposing data about everything.

Amidst such a whirlwind, how can we direct our lives and remain focused?  

In the midst of such instability, we can live our lives according to either our interests or our issues.

When we view life through our issues, we don't need to think. We focus on "putting out the fires" caused by affliction, work emergencies, monetary precariousness, broken connections, and fears. We keep our heads above water, which creates a feeling of structure and course for our lives.

Survival itself may feel like an achievement, however, our fantasies and dreams get lost in this scenario. It doesn't make for a satisfying life.

To experience our lives fully, we have to prioritize our interests—our qualities and standards, the things that bring us bliss, opportunity, and imaginative articulation. It doesn’t matter whether you find this sweet spot through artistic expression, your business, a deep investigation of a subject or some other interest that invigorates and energizes you.

Stephen Covey, author of First Things First, used an illustration to prove a point to a business class. He pulled out a one-gallon mason jar and filled it with fist-sized rocks and then asked the group if it was full. The class answered “yes.”

Covey then added gravel to the jar and again asked if the jar was full. The class had wised up and answered “no.” The instructor then added sand to the jar, followed by water. When Covey asked the point of his demonstration, one student answered, “You can always fit in more if you try really hard.”

“No,” replied Covey, “that’s not the point. The truth this illustration teaches us is: If you don’t put the big rocks in first, you’ll never get them in at all.”

If we don’t prioritize our interest first (the big rocks), issues and emergencies (the gravel, pebbles, and sand) will rule us.

What are your big rocks?

Invest some energy considering what's essential to you. How might you live more in alignment with those choices?

Think about the things that you adore—your work, your community, making something lovely or flavorful, submerging yourself in a pastime. How might you bring more of these into your life? When we set aside time for satisfaction, we feel more energized and have a greater sense of possibility.

When you're in contact with these imperative viewpoints and concentrating on them, issues and emergencies assume their legitimate position, as opposed to commanding your consideration. Your life is wealthier and you take a path that communicates your qualities, interests, and delights.

What's more, phenomenally, when you're carrying on with a happy life, the issues simply appear to get settled. What an inspiring way to live!

Javier Llerena, ACC

Treasurer & Membership Director

ICF SF Bay Area Chapter


“If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.” —Bette Davis


March is ICF Membership Renewal Month

All ICF memberships expire on March 31 annually. ICF Members can renew their memberships at

Why renew?

Here are the many benefits of ICF membership:

ICF Advance 2018:

ICF Advance events are designed for coaches, trainers and researchers who want to take their skills and knowledge to the next level. Past in-person ICF Advance events have focused on topics including cultural competence and the science of coaching. Going forward, all ICF Advance events will take place virtually. Learn more at

New Website:

In December 2017, ICF launched a new website with a more clean and user-friendly design. The website houses the Member Portal, which provides members with one place to utilize their Member Benefits, edit their profile and download their Membership and/or Credential Certificate. Visit the new website at

Archived Learning:

Members can take advantage of ICF’s Archived Learning as part of their professional development and ongoing education. The Archived Learning platform is new and easily accessible in the Archived Learning navigation at the top of the Member Portal. Access the Archived Learning platform at

2018 ICF Business Development Series OnDemand: This year’s Business Development Series runs from February 6–March 1, 2018, and delivers virtual education designed to help coaches build, sustain and expand a successful coaching business. The series will be available as an OnDemand video content following the live event. Learn more at events/business-development-series.

Communities of Practice (CPs): CPs provide a virtual venue for coaches with a shared interest in a specific topic to advance their professional development; deepen their subject-matter expertise; and share best practices, emerging trends, tools and tips. Each CP is steered by volunteer leaders who help facilitate learning and organize the conversations, ideas and trends that emerge from the group. CPs are designed to promote active participation from their members; sharing and discussion are always encouraged. In 2018, ICF will expand CP offerings and outputs to better serve ICF Members. Learn more about CPs at communities-of-practice.

Renew now! It’s an investment in your continued development and our field.

Leadership Opportunities with SFBAC

Becoming a member of ICF-SFBAC’s board or joining one of its committees enables you to deepen your connection to the coaching community by being of service. Here are two key positions currently open (see link for full descriptions of the role):

The Marketing Director is responsible for external communications, website content, and promoting the SFBAC and the coaching profession. Interested? Email Wendy Edelstein at

The Social Media Coordinator works with the Communications team, contributing to social media content, manage content, and expand community. No previous experience is needed, just an interest in learning and social media. Want to know more? Email Tracy Irvine at

The Program Coordinator works with the Events & Programs team, helping to ensure they run smoothly. Interested? Email Shelli Hendricks at


Welcome New Members

We are happy to have you as part of the the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of ICF and want to make sure that you feel at home and as part of this group of outstanding coaches.

Please reach out to any of our board members should you have a question.

We’re welcoming:

San Francisco:  Kristen Muellner, Emily Thompson

East Bay:  Kendal Andersen

Which brings our new member count to for this year.

As a member you get the benefit of creating a profile at Please make sure you complete the profile as it shows both potential clients and your peers that you are now part of the leading professional association in coaching.  

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If you have questions about this, contact Tony Scopelite

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Coaching Websites March 2018

Chapter Monthly Meeting.jpg

March Webinar: How to Communicate Your Value in Under 30 Seconds

Featuring Mary Cravets

Wednesday, March 14th, 7 p.m.

At any stage of a coaching business, you attract high quality clients faster if you know exactly what to say when someone asks you, “What do you do?”

Often, coaches miss this huge opportunity by giving an answer that either underplays the value of coaching or misguidedly rambles on and on about coaching and certifications and methodologies… neither of which are attractive to prospective clients. But when you can concisely express the value of your work, your words become like a magnet to your ideal clients, and they quickly start to seek you out!

By participating in this webinar, you will:

• Get total clarity and create an introduction that communicates your value and immediately gets an ideal client's attention so they say "I need you!"

• Collaboratively explore smart strategies to leverage your introduction and create magnetic marketing to attract great clients everywhere: in person, on the web, on social media, in print and more

• Go WAY beyond the introduction and learn how to get measurable results from your business by adding a simplified client-generation system designed to significantly increase your income without working nights and weekends.

Mary Cravets is a highly sought-after presenter who makes everyone feel like she is speaking directly to them with her engaging, down-to-earth style. She delivers practical topics that provide participants with simple, actionable ideas, plus the clarity and motivation to put them into action right away. Mary is a Productivity Expert, Business Strategist, and Speaker who works with ambitious entrepreneurs who are too busy to grow and helps them double their incomes and get their lives back. Mary’s entrepreneurial journey includes successful careers in Real Estate, Direct Sales, business-to-business Networking Events and now Business Coaching. Recently a health crisis forced Mary to completely start over and revamp her business, and from the systems she created to weather the storm, she tripled her income while cutting her work hours in half. She teaches audiences and clients the same systems she credits for her current success.

CCEU Core Competencies: 0.5

CCEU Resource Development: 1.5

To register:

Wrap-up on the Watermark Conference for Women

By Wendy Edelstein

Attendees at the Watermark Conference for Women on Feb. 23 not only got to hear from heavyweight keynote speakers Amal Clooney and Reese Witherspoon, they had the chance to experience coaching with one of SFBAC’s ICF-certified coaches. Since Watermark’s inception four years ago, SFBAC has provided free onsite coaching to attendees in the conference’s Coaches Corner.

Throughout the day, 20 coaches staffed bistro tables and served a long queue of conference participants. By day’s end, more than 100 attendees had gotten to experience coaching—many for the first time. While we won’t give her full credit, perhaps some of the interest in getting coached might be attributed to Reese Witherspoon sharing that she has been coached. It was truly thrilling to see the anticipation of those waiting in line for their coaching session.

Make a note: Next year the Watermark Conference for Women will be held on Feb. 22 at the San Jose Convention Center.

Wendy Edelstein, CPCC, ACC, serves as SFBAC’s secretary and marketing director.

Our Monthly SFBAC meetings

The ICF San Francisco Bay Area Chapter meets monthly either in person or via Zoom webinar. During 2018 we will be meeting beyond “the city limits” and taking our meetings to you. If you have access to space in the North Bay or South Bay, please contact Wendy Edelstein at Our next in-person meeting will be on Thursday, April 5  at 6:30 in Oakland at The Port Workspaces at Kaiser Center with pioneer coach Laura Berman Fortgang, MCC. See the Announcements section below for additional details.

All of our webinars and presentations will qualify you to earn CCEUs for continuing education.

Please register at the SFBAC website to save your place at the in-person meeting or receive instructions on how to listen to the audio from your computer.


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The 5-Step Process to Define, Measure and Communicate the Impact of Your Coaching Practice (viaDreamsHanrahan | ICF Coaching World))

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Four nighttime routines that will keep you more rested, motivated, and productive. (via Forbes)

From ICF Global: Twitter tip of the week: Use lists grouped by industry or topic to follow people you want to pay attention to on Twitter.


Pro-Bono Coaching Opportunity in San Mateo

The San Mateo Commission of the Status of Women is seeking coaches to provide brief coaching sessions to attendees of its day-long Women Leadership Conference on Saturday, March 24 on the campus of Cañada College on the Peninsula. Coaching shifts will be from 11:50 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 3:15 to 4 p.m. Here’s information on the event.  To sign up for one of the coaching shifts, please contact Leslie K. DuBridge at

SFBAC is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

SFBAC will be taking our show on the road—that’s right, we’ll be coming to you. We’re also mixing it up. Our next in-person  gathering will be on a Thursday. Laura Berman Fortgang, MCC will be speaking on “Now What? Supporting Clients to Find Career Clarity in 90 Days or Less!” on Thursday, April 5th in downtown Oakland.

Join special guest Laura Berman Fortgang, pioneer coach and author of Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction, to learn her Life Blueprint® strategies for career clarity and life direction.  Her system is based on the philosophy that every person has a unique imprint on their soul that indicates what they are meant to be doing with their life. It becomes the coach’s job to uncover the client's Life Blueprint® by relying on intuition as well as tried and true tools and techniques to put the client on the path to happiness, fulfillment, and meaning (and money).

So mark your calendars for Thursday, April 5th at 6:30 when we will be holding our monthly meeting at The Port Workspaces at Kaiser Center in Uptown Oakland. At 344 20th St. (located two blocks from a parking facility and the 19th Street BART station). To register, visit


If you'd like to join an April call that will discuss @ICFHQ Credentialing and Accreditation policy changes, sign up at Official date and time TBD
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